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i-Yuno Captions the World – See Them at #NABShow 2014


What do you think when you see the words or closed captioning appear at the bottom of your screen?  Did you think a person is providing the translation live as it’s happening or do you think a machine is doing all the work?  If your chose the latter,iYuno Logo you’re right… if you chose the former, you’re also right!  In some cases, a live person is behind the translation and, other times, a computer is taking all the credit.  Welcome to the world of i-Yuno Media Group – the experts in captioning, subtitling and dubbing for over a decade.

i-Yuno is introducing several of its products to the U.S. market:

There’s CaptionCrowd – An efficient caption service platform that allows persons to act as the captioners and simply type-in what they hear.  It is used for near realtime transcription or captioning for TV or any offline event.  Professional captioners can work from anywhere—at home or on the move; then there’s Subtitle/Caption Recut – i-Yuno’s subtitling and captioning technology combines with digital fingerprints for the world’s first Automatic Recut. Original video files, matching subtitles/captions and edited video are uploaded to the cloud and the recut starts – in only 5-10 minutes the digital fingerprints of an hour-long video have been scanned and the magic happens.

“There really is nothing comparable on the market today that can identify audio fingerprints, pull captions from the cloud and insert them in the any part of the transmission chain, quickly and very accurately,” said David Lee, CEO of i-Yuno Media Group Americas, Inc. “The cloud service and all of our captioning products have been very popular across Asia and we’re now bringing it to North American broadcasters. So far, the reaction has been very positive among the major beta testers we are working with.”

Via i-Yuno’s CaptionCast – a 1RU broadcast server installed in the transmission chain with SDI input and the iMediaTrans, a browser-based captioning cloud on the Internet, a trigger prompts captions from the audio fingerprints taken from the live SDI input. The i-Yuno-developed caption inserter offers the biggest advantage – automatic performance.  No longer does a crew have to monitor the captioning, which frees them up for other responsibilities.

i-Yuno CaptionCast_Connection_Diagram_RevisedYou may have heard of i-Yuno from their reputation of being a veteran in closed caption and digital fingerprints technology; their products and technology for automated subtitling and captioning of television-viewed material and Internet as well as IP-enabled portable devices has answered the call from the hearing-impaired community

“Whereas there are a few digital fingerprint engines out there in the market, none was sufficient to meet the critical accuracy required for broadcast quality caption services,” said David Lee, CEO of i-Yuno Americas. “We have developed our own digital fingerprint engine that’s specifically designed to generate highly accurate timing for captioning purposes.”

So true.  In fact, i-Yuno has cut the recognition time down from its original 4-seconds to a mere 1-second.  Even when the video starts off immediately with dialog, the improved accuracy of the new system will capture and process the speech almost instantly, meaning that the television screen never misses a word.

Providing subtitling for TV, corporate, advertisements and technical videos, i-Yuno creates over 2,000/hrs of subtitles every month.  The cloud subtitling process is transparent and can be delivered into 1oo+ different subtitling file formats or placed directly into the video.  You can even use DVB subtitles or teletext to provide multiple languages in a single video feed – a very 220x165x220px-Closed_captioning_symbol.svg_.png.pagespeed.ic.Tjsq6g_KuJpopular option for international broadcasters.

iYuno takes all of the hassle and worry out of the captioning process.  This is why so many large companies use their technology and products.  Not to mention for the speed and efficiency, too.  As their website assures that all you have to do is: “Install SubtitleCast at any part of your transmission by just plugging in the Internet and SDI In/Out then uploading your low res video to the cloud. All of the rest then becomes automatic.”

About i-Yuno Media Group

i-Yuno is a 12-year-old company with seven global offices, including its new Los Angeles office established in 2014. The company specializes in subtitling, captioning and dubbing services as well as the development of related technologies. i-Yuno is the developer of MediaTrans, the most dominant subtitling S/W in Korea and also sold across the world through various distributors.

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