i-Yuno Media Group To Unveil World’s First Automated, “Fingerprint Triggered” Caption Service for TV and OTT

i-Yuno NAB Booth# N6421

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Burbank, CA – At the upcoming NAB 2104 Show, In Las Vegas, i-Yuno Media Group Americas, Inc, one of Asia’s largest subtitling and dubbing technology providers, will exhibit its latest products and technology for automated subtitling and captioning of material to be viewed on TV as well as on the Internet and IP-enabled portable devices. David Lee, i-Yuno’s CEO made the Company’s exhibition plans public from their new US office located in Burbank, CA.


The company is dedicated to helping broadcasters and video production companies meet strict U.S. government mandates for captioned material, and embrace the hard-of-hearing community, in a number of ways. This includes offering a cloud-based preparation platform and on-site equipment installation and technical support designed for users to perform all of their captioning needs with minimal human intervention. This is especially important for multi-channel system operators that must QC thousands of video files and ensure compliance.


The technology saves money, simplifies caption workflows, minimizes overhead of transmission staff, reduces errors, and enables customers to manage subtitles and captions of all their channels in one place (the cloud) and have them serviced automatically.


In Booth #N6421 at the Las Vegas Convention Center, i-Yuno will demonstrate its unique subscription-based caption technology called CaptionCast; whereby customers install the CaptionCast server in their transmission facility and i-Yuno creates frame accurate captions on the cloud for automatic service at a mere $4/min. The customer uploads proxy video to the cloud and the rest is taken care of by i-Yuno. Once the operator’s TV channel(s) air the specific content, the CaptionCast servers listen for the “audio fingerprints” from the SDI signal, pulls the matching captions and delivers them to the screen automatically.


“There really is nothing comparable on the market today that can identify audio fingerprints, pull captions from the cloud and insert them in the any part of the transmission chain, quickly and very accurately,” said David Lee, CEO of i-Yuno Media Group Americas, Inc. “The cloud service and all of our captioning products have been very popular across Asia and we’re now bringing it to North American broadcasters. So far, the reaction has been very positive among the major beta testers we are working with.”


Also being introduced for the first time for U.S. broadcasters:


CaptionCrowd – An easy and fast caption service platform allows captioners to simply type in what they hear; used for near real time transcription or captioning for TV or any offline event. The innovative approach enables the production of high-quality captions at a portion of standard captioning prices. The unique system segments the video/audio into sentences and instantly distributes them to multiple captioners online. This cost-effective model allows the user to engage professional captioners that can work from anywhere—at home or on the move—saving time and money.


Subtitle/Caption Recut – i-Yuno’s subtitling and captioning technology combines with digital fingerprints for the world’s first Automatic Recut. Original video files, matching subtitles/captions and edited video are uploaded to the cloud and the recut starts. It takes approximately 5-10 minutes for the digital fingerprints of an hour-long video to scan, verify differences and re-adjust the subtitle/captions. Various file formats can be downloaded for immediate use, or the iMediaTrans subtitle/caption editor can modify, verify, and export to a wide array of file formats.


iMediaTrans Cloud – The world’s most advanced subtitling and captioning cloud offers hosting of proxy videos, CDN powered streaming to vendors or customers, timecoding and multi-language preparation of subtitles and captions using browsers. It also embeds many detailed features coming from i-Yuno’s expertise as an international subtitling company. iMediaTrans Cloud also services other i-Yuno’s technology platforms such as SubtitleCast or CaptionCast.


On-Site Editorial Appointments: i-Yuno is happy to set up an editorial appointment to give the press a better understanding of this cost-effective and unique approach to captioning and subtitling of existing or new video programming. Please click on to schedule an individual meeting.


About i-Yuno Media Group

i-Yuno is a 12 year+ company specialized in subtitling, captioning and dubbing services plus developing relevant technologies. i-Yuno services international channels from 7 global offices. i-Yuno is the developer of MediaTrans, the most dominant subtitling S/W in Korea and also sold across the world through various distributors. i-Yuno launched its US operation in early Feb 2014, and has moved its core teams to concentrate in US penetration. Further information:



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