IBC 2015 Overview


IBC is situated at the global junction of electronic press and entertainment giving a complete and vivid encounter, whether you are a students or head of an organization. Presented at the world-class location Amsterdam RAI in the month of September every year & provides unrivalled marketing options and is at the lead of industry invention.

It’s a trade show for content providers, broadcasters & related manufacturers, technical companies & all those who are involved in the same.

IBC-2015 Overview

A wide range of topics, unseen manifestations and top speakers’ insights added a record breaking quantity of industry’s imagesassociates for the IBC Big Screen program a year ago.

For all the subjects that are currently surrounding its potential will be explored even deeper in this year. It will examine High-Dynamic Variety, engineering, the sensible considerations for the cinema field, the criteria work expected, and the effects of offering HDR pictures to both HDR-ready and non-HDR systems.

It’ll study enhancements in Immersive Imaging, including several of the current pursuits in advanced cinema-going experiences that aim to improve the readers’ activities, together with the promising and rapid-developing function that VR must perform.

It’ll question whether standards attempts in Immersive Sound have possibly opened the marketplace up to healthy opposition or opened rather a harmful Pandora’s Package.

Lastly, it’ll interrogate Cinema business with live functions, games and shows now on the big-screen, with launch windows under ongoing attack and newly emerging business models to ensure that it’s heading towards the right track of success.

IBC-BlogPost-Image_2-960x540The show will take place on the following dates:

  • Conference: September 10-14, 2015
  • Exhibition: September 11-15, 2015

IBC Features

IBC is much more than a showcase and symposium. Through the years they have increased their hard work & efficiency to add extra benefit characteristics that enhance your attendance and have designed a large number of wonderful events. From industry at the “IBC Rising Stars Program”, through to the most effective C-Level professionals driving the industry’s goal; theatres hosting presentations, courses, displays and briefings; the future of technology and investigation from leading R&D laboratories; and even the peculiar blockbuster film on display at their custom built IBC Big-Screen! There is something for everybody, whether outdated, technical, creative or new – discovery all that IBC is offering across six days of innovation and revolutionary insight.

Let’s give you a brief overview of the upcoming IBC events:

IBC Awards

The Innovation Awards acknowledge the relationship between a creator or broadcaster corporation and technology10666012_738204719586286_1038561289_n manufacturers that drive for and produce the quality, imagination and supply of information for the market. Each access is carefully studied by a global screen of judges.

Following will be the award categories:

  • Best Conference Paper Award
  • Judges’ Prize Award
  • Special Award
  • Exhibition Design Awards

The Judges Panel

The international cell of judges for IBC innovation awards includes brilliant people who are imaginative & look for beat of the work and aid the industry to move ahead. Members of the worldwide screen for IBC2015 judges are:

  • Chairman Michael Lumley
  • Vijaya Cherian
  • Professor David Crawford
  • Carolyn Giardina
  • Dick Hobbs
  • Fergal Ringrose
  • Phil Sandberg

IBC Innovation Awards Shortlist

headerThe Innovation Awards shortlist demonstrates a few of the important problems nowadays affecting everyone in digital and broadcasting press. On the list of shortlisted assignments there are fresh approaches to develop collaboratively, decentralize information successfully and interact with people more strongly.

The reason why the Innovation Awards is exclusive is that its winners are currently using the most recent technologies in real world applications. The 10 finalists who will search on stage in Sept are the end users of collaborative initiatives: broadcasters, marketing companies and companies who’d a definite target, produced together the most effective engineering spouses and now enjoy the modern thinking.

From a huge number of talents, the global judging panel has concentrated the discipline down to a prospect of 10 throughout the three groups: to discover the best purposes of technology in content management, content-creation and content-delivery.

The winners are going to be declared at 18:30 on 13th Sept. 2015.

IBC Future Zone

With cutting edge tasks and prototypes released by IBC from the leading R&D laboratories and colleges, IBC will showcase images1the future zone.

The Future Zone will house the “Posters”, the highly-respected, thoroughly peer reviewed suggestions chosen by the “IBC Technical Papers Board” for the amazing way they depict the topics of IBC’s Conference Program and their power to surprise your imagination.

The IBC Future Zone will actually be a site to see our future directions & possibilities, as opposed to just a view into the future!

See Broadcast Beat’s Overview of the IBC Future Zone here:

IBC Partner’ Pavilion

ZEISS-booth-IBC-2014The group of international partner organizations who assist and guidebook IBC are amongst the many respected within their discipline. Individually and jointly their work helps continue maintaining and build excellence’s greatest standards across all corners of leisure marketplace and the electronic advertising. In continuing to force boundaries about the world stage they perform a great instructional role with the help of their members and are remarkably influential.

You can reach the IBC Partners’ Pavilion based at Stand No. 8 F51 within the Park Foyer.

In the Pavilion you’ll be able to indulge with spokespersons from each one of the associates, arrange conferences, gather specifically curated information, understand each of their latest initiatives to see the method that you feel more strongly concerned with.

IBC’s six partners include the

  • IABM;
  • IEEE Broadcast Engineering Society;
  • Europe’s biggest professional body of engineers, the IET;
  • The Society of Cable Telecommunication Engineers (SCTE)
  • The Noble TV Society (RTS);
  • The Society of Motion-Picture and TV Engineers (SMPTE).

Together at IBC they symbolize both exhibitors and visitors’ pursuits. Because they will offer you a unique prosperity of expertise and experience, take advantage of this opportunity they are all set to display new insights of problems impacting content management, creation and shipping.

IBC Leader’s Summit

IBC Summit is a special event that will be available for only those who have been invited. It will for over 150 MENA and European leaders of the automated media and amusement sector. It will be a blend of powerful ideas from important speakers, research that is unique and exclusive, along with the joint participation of C level associates in an event that will certainly shapes up the potential future plans.

Developed specifically for the most powerful and visionary people at the industry’s top level, this Summit will offer a single-day of powerful discussions. It will take place behind-closed gates, therefore associates addressing the issues will be able to express their thoughts and emphasize their worries within an open inspiring atmosphere.

IBC Content Everywhere Hub Program

This program will involves sessions and demonstrations of latest products for free researching the exciting options behind ibc_4the content-everywhere concept.

Each daily program will include two hour- section talks and lengthy consultations taking a look at client habits, technologies and business-models that drives the product demonstrations & services.

The Hub will also display a number of presentations on the most recent products and services which might be framing the development of fresh technologies for broadcast media.

The Download Wall will allow people to collect presentations of demonstrations, catalogues, white papers, data sheets as well as other useful info.

IBC Content Everywhere Technology in Action

This program will consist of some free-to-attend industry case-studies covering the subjects of Cloud, IP, Post Production and Shipping, providing you the ability to find out technology inaction since it intersects all aspects & areas.

IBC Drone Zone

images2One of the past year’s most dramatic inventions was the willing to soar quad copter as well as their greater relative the flying software which offered an affordable and easy to control camera range.

This season you will be able to witness a huge variety of flying video platforms from World’s best manufacturers in this zone.

IBC Launch Pad

This will showcase the upcoming trend towards IP-based infrastructure and software methods that will do wonders in altering the industry at lightning-speed. Black box equipment has been changed by virtualized methods to provide information everywhere.

TBC Launch Pad will be located in Hall 14 Extension & will offer you to see latest technological advances.

About IBC

IBC is the premier annual event for professionals engaged in the creation, management and delivery of entertainment and news content worldwide. Six leading international bodies are the partners behind IBC, representing both exhibitors and visitors.  In 2014, the event attracted more than 55,000 attendees from 170 countries around the world, exhibiting more than 1,700 of the world’s key technology suppliers and showcasing a debate-leading conference. For more information, please go to their website at:

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