IBC 2016: TVU Networks Rolls Out Next Generation H.265 and 4K Live Streaming Video Encoder

Technology Leader in IP Video Announces First of a New Family of HEVC Transmission Solutions at IBC 2016

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA –TVU Networks, a technology and market leader in IP-based live video solutions, officially announces today the availability of the TVU MLink TE4500 H.265/HEVC and 4K encoding solution for live video transmission. The MLink TE4500 is a rack-mount encoder that transmits video using HEVC video compression but also incorporates TVU265 enhanced HEVC, Smart VBR encoding and Inverse StatMux Plus advanced IP video technology. The MLink TE4500 delivers the same high quality picture that’s currently available with TVU’s award-winning cellular IP-based live video transmitters but with more efficient compression, requiring less data transmission. TVU will show the MLink TE4500, and it’s complete line of IP video solutions at stand 2.B28 at IBC.

TVU265 is TVU’s enhanced version of H.265 that’s designed to more efficiently use bandwidth for cellular video transmission. The industry recognized Inverse StatMux Plus fully utilizes all transmission connections and delivers just the right amount of forward error correction while eliminating the need for retransmission which can cause additional latency. TVU’s Smart VBR (Variable Bit-Rate Encoding) proactively manages the transmission bit‐rate for a desired latency, taking out the guesswork in optimizing for picture quality.

The MLink TE4500 is fully compatible with TVU’s family of rack-mount IP based transceiver video decoders. The MLink TE4500 and TVU transceivers operate within TVU’s Cloud-based ecosystem platform for centralized video content management and control supporting not just TVU solutions and services but SDI and IP video sources as well. The TVU ecosystem reduces or removes the requirement for broadcasters to rely on multiple pieces of equipment to manage their video content, while allowing them to manage and control all their video feeds from a single web interface anywhere in the world.

The TVU platform is flexible, allowing a broadcaster to add specific features, functions and services as they are needed, allowing them to move from a SDI to IP infrastructure in stages. Broadcasters can also directly control the MLink TE4500 and all other TVU transmitters, including the bit-rate and latency settings of each transmitter. For station groups, the TVU ecosystem allows video content to be easily and effectively switched, routed or distributed from one station to multiple locations anywhere with a TVU transceiver using TVU Grid.

“We are excited to be showing the first of an entire family of HEVC and 4K live video transmission solutions for the first time in Europe at IBC. The MLink TE4500 continues the tradition of all TVU transmitters that are designed specifically to deliver the best HD picture quality under even the most challenging broadcast environments and at latencies as low as sub-second,“ said Paul Shen, CEO, TVU Networks. “The Cloud-based TVU ecosystem was developed to help broadcasters take advantage of the benefits of IP infrastructure to acquire, manage and move video content easily and cost effectively. While removing the reliance on expensive fiber and multiple different types of video equipment to manage content, the ecosystem is future-proofed to allow for the integration of new IP technologies such as HEVC.”

Added Shen, “Introducing a new line of HEVC codec and 4K integrated IP-based video products is part of our continuing commitment to deliver innovative IP technology solutions designed to meet the needs of our customers and the broadcast community. We are looking forward to introducing this important new product line starting with the TE4500, and its addition to the TVU video content ecosystem.”

Additional TVU solutions being showcased at IBC this year include:

TVU RPS – TVU’s Remote Production System (RPS) delivers a cost-effective alternative for live remote synchronized multi-camera news and sports coverage by leveraging a broadcaster’s existing studio control room staff and equipment and a public Internet connection from the field. With TVU RPS, a broadcaster can achieve on-location live production without the need for production trucks, dedicated fiber or large on-site production crews.

TVU One is the company’s fifth-generation live mobile IP newsgathering transmitter. It delivers transmission resiliency, performance, picture quality and sub-second latency in an ultra-compact form factor. TVU One features TVU Networks’ patented Inverse Statmux Plus (IS+) transmission algorithm, Smart VBR technology, and the TVU.264 video codec. It’s available with embedded modems and can transmit simultaneously over multiple mediums, including cellular, microwave, MIMO microwave mesh, Ka-band and Ku-band satellite, BGAN, WiFi, and Ethernet.

TVU Grid, an IP video distribution, routing and switching system gives broadcasters the ability to seamlessly switch live IP video content and share live streams between remote locations. TVU Grid removes the walls from broadcast stations, empowering users to distribute or collect content with just the click of a button.

TVU Alert is a cloud-based service that makes it quick and simple to send mission-critical alerts, such as breaking news, anywhere throughout a news organization. Alerts can be sent to and from any TVU edge device and can be customized and sent to individuals, devices or to entire groups in the network.

TVU Command Center is a cloud-based solution that allows for the central management and control of all the TVU transmitters, receivers, and services within a group from virtually anywhere. It features a robust set of video content management tools designed to integrate with a broadcaster’s workflow.

The company’s TVU Anywhere app turns an iPhone or Android device into a live video transmitter. Designed to turn your portable smart device or laptop instantly into a transmitter, TVU Anywhere enables reporters to instantly capture and transmit footage from anywhere at any time. TVU Anywhere is easy to use – just download the app to a smartphone, tablet or laptop, open the application and start transmitting video. TVU Anywhere uses a 3G/4G/LTE wireless connection and WiFi when available to transmit live video to a TVU Receiver.

TVU MLink live video uplink transmitter brings cellular 3G/4G/LTE transmission capabilities to satellite and microwave vehicles, vans and trucks. Designed for fixed deployment, MLink is a one RU rack unit that is capable of aggregating the transmission signals from multiple transmission mediums simultaneously, including cellular, satellite, microwave, WiFi and Ethernet.

TVUMe is an online video marketplace where broadcasters can sell and trade recorded video content and sell live video streams from a simple interface. Users can buy video content from other broadcasters, freelancers and independent production crews from around the world. Additionally, production crews can use the TVUMe online service to list production services and equipment for future booking, providing broadcasters with access to professional video crews around the globe.

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