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IBC 2017: Product Spotlight- InfinitySet 3 by Brainstorm!


The advanced features of the award winning virtual studio, InfinitySet 3 by Brainstorm will be exhibited at IBC 2017 booth 7C12 where it will be making its European debut. This outstanding virtual and augmented reality solution will incorporate advanced graphic features through the use of Aston graphics creation tool-set, so that the end user can edit, manage, and of course, create high-end 2D and 3D motion graphics with uncompromising speed and ease of use.

The InfinitySet3 has outstanding rendering features as PBR and HDR, and yes, it will support the Unreal gaming engine! The simplified set up does not require additional hardware to your workstation and can fit into most existing broadcast installations. Combined with Brainstorm eStudio engine, the setup becomes more fluid and sets up some amazing results.

InfinitySet 3 will also exhibit the new Augmented Reality features which were quite the buzz at NAB 2017, such as the VirtualGate capability which places the presenter not only in the virtual set but also inside additional content within it, and VideoCAVE, a Mixed Reality application using monitors in a real set performing as a CAVE multiple window (trust us you have to see it to believe it!). Also, lets not forget the TrackFree™ technology and its TeleTransporter feature, whereas InfinitySet 3 can interchangeably use real, live input or pre-recorded footage as the background environment for the chroma-keyed talent. This sets the base for any talent to become a legitimate virtual time and space traveller and be tele-transported to any remote location at any time, while seamlessly interacting with real and virtual elements in part to the totally unique 3D Presenter feature, which transforms the talent into a full 3D object!

Also slated to be on display is VisualMedia, a joint solution to provide real-time 3D graphics visualization based on social media feeds and second screen data created by Brainstorm and never.no, this real-time representation of structured social media information of data-driven 3D motion graphics in quite impressive and is a result of both companies’ partnership in ‘Project VisualMedia’ developed from the Europe 2020 Horizon platform and will be shown in its final configuration prior to its commercial in debut in January 2018.

Brainstorm SmartSet, features a template-based play-out solution designed for small and local TV stations, and  provides advanced Virtual Set and Augmented Reality applications without creating them from scratch. Brainstorm’s template solutions play out content to air and has been created and designed from Brainstorm applications.

Lastly, if you are looking for broadcast graphics management then checkout the new integrated, MOS-based template-based system BrainNews, which allows for complex graphics for news application, and now transcends the newsroom to become a sophisticated, MOS-compatible for your on-air graphics control system. This is one powerful system by Brainstorm, and provides for real-time, high-quality 3D graphics engine into the broadcast workflow without the need for continuous input from designers.

About Brainstorm:

Brainstorm is a specialist company dedicated to providing industry-leading real-time 3D graphics and virtual set solutions for broadcast, feature film production and corporate presentations. Brainstorm has more than 2,500 installations worldwide since its foundation in 1993, including many of the world’s leading broadcasters plus numerous smaller and regional stations. www.brainstorm3d.com


About IBC:

Since 1967, IBC has grown to become the most influential annual event for professionals engaged in the creation, management and delivery of electronic media, worldwide. Originally the International Broadcasting Convention, IBC has evolved from its technical broadcast roots and today it encompasses the whole breadth of media creation management and delivery, from online content to digital cinema, from automated workflows to high resolution capture and display. IBC remains the principal event for the industry, and it continues to go from strength to strength. It now attracts more than 55,000 attendees, drawn from more than 170 countries, each September in Amsterdam. The peer-reviewed technology conference remains the place to launch the most important new thinking. A fundamental part of the IBC Conference are the Technical Papers which sit alongside a wide-ranging programme of panels, discussions and keynotes, which have attracted not just broadcast leaders but luminaries as varied as Professor Brian Cox and will.i.am.

The conference is matched with a comprehensive exhibition which brings together close to 1,600 exhibitors, each showcasing the state of the art in technology. IBC is unrivalled as a place to meet and share knowledge, and its networking opportunities and value added events – from awards to movie screenings – really contribute to the worth of attending.To meet the demands of this new and hugely expanded market IBC continues to create innovative ways to engage with its audiences, including the introduction of the Rising Stars programme aimed at helping the new generation of content and media technology professionals find their feet in the industry, and the exclusive invitation-only Leaders’ Summit, an event for 150 leaders of the electronic media and entertainment industry shaping future strategy. IBC has also created a new series of events – IBC Content Everywhere – which take IBC’s excellence in new directions. All of the experience and knowledge of IBC, run by the industry for the industry, is reflected in this new global event, which looks to the connected future. IBC Content Everywhere demonstrates the changing nature of the world of connected electronic media. Like IBC it provides a forum for debate and discovery of the business, technical and creative opportunities, but IBC Content Everywhere reflects the very different nature of media connectivity in an IP world giving it a unique and carefully tailored look and feel.

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