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How Podcasters Can Market Their Creative Voices @IBCShow


Creativity is not merely a quality we all have inside of us. In much higher terms, it is a basis for establishing one’s identity. There are many ways a person can form their identity through their creativity. Now that we live in a more digitally oriented age of technological innovation, we have more than enough means of expressing ourselves and the creative voice we all have inside us that is dying to be heard as well as begging to be as authentic as our desire to communicate it through the brand it can potentially be. Regardless of where our creative tastes or endeavors lie, be it through our love of writing, painting, poetry, or cinema, the most effective and expansive means of which we can accomplish greater brand outreach can be found within the innovative use of a podcast.

A podcast is not only an effective way for a creator to openly voice and authentically express their ideas, it also a great incentive in assisting them to further market and expand on the brand their creative voice is capable of becoming. Because of our technologically innovative era, the prospect of setting up a podcast has become more accessible through the various platforms such as NABAnchor, Libsyn, SoundCloud, and the many more incredible options out there specifically designed to help an artist communicate the creativity they know has the potential to become a great brand. Now, although establishing a podcast can be a relatively simple process, the fact remains that in order for any potential brand outreach to take place, then the artist’s content must have a great deal of quality behind it for it to be effective.

Regardless of what subject matter we feel most passionate about, we all wish to share our most introspective thoughts on said subject, and in order to accomplish that, it is instrumental to keep it polished and well organized. Now, this doesn’t mean that a creative podcaster should have to type up a script and hum drum the audience they’re attempting to build to the soul wrenching boredom that’ll eventually drive them away. However, any podcaster of significant merit can succeed through the quality of their content, and a good way to learn about quality content that makes a great podcast can discovered by attending IBC 2019.

IBC 2019 is a media, entertainment and technology show. This tech conference is set to take place September 13-19, 2019 in Rai Amsterdam, with over 1,700 exhibitors and over 55,000 attendees comprised of innovators, key decision makers and press. For any podcaster looking to gain more insight on how they can improve their podcast for potential brand growth, then IBC 2019 can help provide them with a platform for them to essentially showcase their brand, launch products, grow their network of relationships, as they engage with potential customers and industry leaders who know all the steps and stones of boosting the creativity needed to help them and their podcast grow. Attending IBC 2019 will allow artists to communicate the ideas they’ve undoubtedly had running around their heads for the past year or two spent in the silent creative torture all of them are often known for in their procrastination.

By attending IBC 2019, any creator will be able to have access to the amazing exhibitors scheduled to present. Several of the IBC 2019 exhibitors include:

IEEE Broadcast Technology Society



The IEEE Broadcast Technology Society is a membership oriented organization. It’s open to everyone in the broadcast industry and allied fields. Their mission is to serve member needs as a way of further enhancing their professional knowledge, and they accomplish this mission by informing them of the latest research results and industry trends, which can only help in providing both enriching educational and networking opportunities for creators and the brands they wish to build. By checking out BTS at Hall 2 — 2.A60,Hall 8 — 8.F51, and Partners’ Pavilion, aspiring creators will have access to incredible services such as the training they offer, news on business and technology, their work process, and how they can help them better manage subscribers for their podcast.

GREAT Britain and Northern Ireland Pavilion

When it comes to marketing and the necessary expansion, clientele could be greatly utilized by looking at The Great Britain and Northern Ireland Pavilion and how it centers on helping people select the best business partners at the world’s most important technology by showing a vast range of products, services, and technologies. This pavilion is supported by the Department for International Trade (DIT), which helps UK based businesses to ensure their success in the international markets through the use of exports. For more information on how techUK can be a helpful source the best way is to check out both www.techuk.org and www.great.gov.uk/international/. They will be in Hall 5 — 5.B48, Hall 8 — 8.B38, Hall 10 — 10.A42.


The AWEX-Wallonia Export And Investment Agency heads the development and management of Wallonia’s international economic relations. Specializing in both foreign trade and foreign investment, the Wallonia Agency’s promotion and information incentive to both the international and Walloon business community better serves in providing the quality expertise in the matters of promotion, prospecting and informing potential investors. This can only serve as one of the many options for creators to further explore how they can further grow and expand on the brand their creative voice can eventually be with the right kind of direction. Awex will be held in Hall 10 — 10.D31.

Along with the mentioned Pavilions, creators will also be able to check out the Beijing Pavilion that will be held in Hall 3 — 3.A21, and the Korea Pavilion in Hall 2 — 2.A31. For better information on how creators can gain a better insight on how to effectively market their creative voice into a brand through the innovation of a podcast, they can visit show.ibc.org to get  a good head start.