IBC News: Appear TV Showcases Full Spectrum X-Series

AMSTERDAM, SEPTEMBER 6, 2018Appear TV, a leading global provider of next-generation video processing platforms for broadcast and streaming high-quality video, will showcase its high-capacity, ultra-low latency X-Series platform at IBC (Stand 1.C61). The X-Series (X10/X20) offers the complete spectrum of encoding codecs, and helps broadcasters adopt the many benefits of an IP-centric operation in their own timeframe and with extreme simplicity.

The X10 and X20 platforms offer a programmable option with modules that easily alternate between SDI and IP in either the compressed or lightly-compressed domain. This modularity further demonstrates Appear’s commitment to easing the transition to IP while supporting both current and future compression needs. The three processing modules, which can be customized and packaged to meet specific requirements, include: a high-speed IP card that delivers both compressed and uncompressed video, a high-density SDI card and a scrambling card for operations that require secure content delivery. Additional functionality such as TICO, JPEG200 and HEVC 10Bit 4:2:2 compression support will be added subsequently.

“Legacy SDI infrastructure is being phased out and gradually replaced by a generic IP infrastructure capable of handling compressed and uncompressed high-quality video,” says Carl Walter Holst, CEO, Appear TV. “The X10/X20 platforms are ideal for connecting a local legacy SDI network to a new high-capacity IP infrastructure. By combining the X10/X20 platforms with the previously used XC5000/XC51000 platforms, Appear TV is providing a complete solution for transporting video from content generation to end viewers.”

Featuring core IP security as a firewall, video monitoring, video routing and video re-multiplexing, the X10 and X20 operates as the key building blocks of an ultra-flexible, ultra-low delay, highly secured broadcast network. Being codec agnostic, it bridges both the natively encapsulated and MPEG_TS worlds.

The platform’s high-capacity video firewall enables the operators to maintain full security between sites, even if public IP infrastructure is used. All IP ports can be configured to be either unidirectional or bi-directional, depending on what type of traffic is allowed over the port. Security is further enforced on a dedicated hardware handling all incoming and outgoing IP video traffic. The X-Series maintains strict surveillance on its control layer, which supports many advanced features such as user management and authentication.

About Appear

Based in Oslo, Norway, Appear is dedicated to designing and producing world class solutions for the delivery of professional video services. Their mission is to deliver unique products that open up new opportunities for video communication.

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