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Day 2 at IBC 2015 was a busy day – at least for our own Janet West!  As you can see from the following, she was all around the Show Floor today… it’s all about Janet today!

Dana Ruzicka,VP chief product Officer avidtechnologyAvid brought some special guests along with their impressive products. Emmy-Award-winning sound editor James Mather (the supervising sound editor of Mission Impossible 3), is here with Avid for the IBC show. James was especially impressed with Avid Pro Tools S6 and discussed sound editing in general and Avid Pro Tools S6, along with Mission Impossible 3, specifically. Don’t miss Broadcast Sports Production and Beyond. Avid is presenting this subject several more times before the close of the IBC show next Tuesday. Since Avid acquired Orad, Avid‘s MediaCentral Platform now also includes what they are calling the Studio Suite. Pop by the booth (or the presentation) and see how this addition beefs-up an already impressive product. Another Avid highlight is the enterprising Avid Everywhere vision. It’s bold, it’s visionary; it’s Avid.Stuart Ashton blackmagic_news

Blackmagic Design continues to maintain its lofty position in the industry with continual advancements. This year, their offerings include the B4 mount for the recent Ursa Mini camera, Decklink Quad 2 (the next star in the line of capture and playback brought to us by the Decklink line of products). The world’s leading line of standards converter – the Teranex –  gets new improved software, and some new models of Mini video converters. MultiView 16 also got an upgrade, and rounding out this new wave of awesomeness, Blackmagic has announced that Resolve 12 has begun shipping.

Lewis Kirkaldie, head of product management cinegyAt the Cinegy exhibit, Jane chatted with Lewis Kirkaldie (head of product management) about the Cinegy Air PRO. Multi-channel broadcast automation with true time playout! Cinegy Air PRO can help improve and simplify workflows by offering multiple features and support for multiple channels all in one location! Dolby encoding, EAS, a Cinegy style channel branding strategy as well as Nielsen watermarking are just a sample of what’s in store with this leading edge product.

Imagine Communications has really gone all out in the new RAI Amtrium. Sponsored panels and Charlie Vogt of imagine communicationskeynotes covered a broad array of topics like: Do more, Spend Less with Virtualized Master Business Case for Transitioning to IP, and Growing Ad Revenue in an Omni-platform World. CEO Charlie Vogt seemed especially pleased with the product highlights – Platinum SX Pro Multi-viewers, PlatinumM IP3 and VX routers, the Magellan SDN Orchestrator, and various Selenio MCP processing products. Lively and informative discussions on open–standard solutions, future-proofing, and streamlined hybrid workflows are just a few of the subjects covered in Imagine’s various presentations.

Rob D'Amico, product management director izotopeAs a relative newcomer to IBC, iZotope is off to a running start. iZotope makes their triumphal official debut with a trio of cutting-edge offerings to the IBC2015. The RX, RX Final Mix, and RX Loudness Control have broadcast workflows and audio post production receiving a big shot in the arm from this trio. Check them out in hall 8 at stand D70.

Matrox is promoting Matrox DSX Developer Products (multi-channel SD/HD/4K I/O cards and Francesco Scartozzi, director of sales Matroxhigh-density H.264 encoding cards), the Monarch HD professional streaming and recording appliance (stream live with this small easy to use machine while recording for later editing), the Matrox Monarch HDX (a hyper flexible dual-channel H.264 encoder), and the VS4Recorder Pro multi-camera recording app(improving the already impressive VS4Recorder).  Always spectacular, always the height of technology!

Janet West with TelestreamTelestream rolls out ten (that’s right, ten) products for the IBC 2015. Eight are current favorites: Vantage, Switch, Wirecast, Post Producer, Episode, Vantage Cloud, Pipeline and Macaption. These are rounded out by two new products: The VOD producer DAI, and Tempo. Telestream’s VOD producer, DAI, allows for a potent ability to insert ads in Cable VOD content. Tempo allows users to alter the running time of any programming segment undetected.Janet West at TSL Products 2pm

We swung by TSL Products  to get a look at the new Virtual Panel add-on option for its already impressive Tallyman system at IBC2015. This addition will enable users of the Tallyman virtual panel to apply the benefits of a highly intuitive interface to the Tallyman straight out of its box. Unleashing the full potential benefits of this powerful system for new users almost instantly, while still maintaining its customizable nature.

Janet West at Vizrt 5pmBy 5pm (local time), we reached the Vizrt display. Available for our perusal was the new Viz Eclipse, the latest and greatest version of Viz Engine, Along with the most recent version of Viz One (now certified for AS-11 DPP MXF metadata), Graphic Hub 2.4.0 (with a new cloud based system), Show Maker (which is combined with the Viz Mosart and Viz Opus automation systems (allowing producers the ability to scrip from an intuitive interface), A new up to the minute version of Viz Multiplay, and The newest Viz Libero, and The newest Vizrt Social TV solution (showcasing its integration with Twitter Curator), and the newest Viz World. Stop by the booth and ask em what’s new! They have so answers for that question that you may end-up staying the day at their booth!

Autocue Booth 12pm
Autocue Booth

While Janet was busy with important exhibitors, I snuck off … The IBC Exhibition sprawls across fourteen halls within the RAI, with over 1,700 exhibitors covering the creation, management and delivery of electronic and media materials. Essential to the IBC Experience are a number of specialty Feature Areas and events. Hosted throughout the IBC Exhibition, these mini-events are woven into the IBC Conference, thus enriching everyone’s understanding of technologies and trends that drive the industry.

One of those specialty feature areas is the IBC Future Zone, which contains exhibitors with cutting-edge projects and prototypes from the world’s leading R&D labs and universities, and demonstrated at IBC. This is one of my personal favorites, as I am always looking to the future and enjoy the latest technological advances in the industry!

Brainstorm Booth
Brainstorm Booth

While The IBC Future Zone is a portal to view our future directions, rather than just a glimpse of the future, it is also home to the Posters – the highly respected, rigorously peer-reviewed ideas chosen by the IBC Technical Papers Committee for their relevance to the subjects of IBC’s Conference Program and their ability to startle your imagination. Among the intriguing topics at IBC2014 were: HEVC in the studio; Perception of 3D audio; Crowd-sourced music; DTV mobile surveillance; Object-oriented storytelling; Visual Quality Metrics; 4K Broadcast on a Budget; and so many more!

All in all, Glasses-free 360° 3D (and 2D) is the dominant theme at this year’s Future Zone. Two companies of the several that are nursing this technology to fruition caught my eye (if you’ll pardon the pun) this year.

Vision III Imaging, Inc. and their depth-enhanced 2D & 3D parallax imaging – v3 optical and software


tools have been developed for recording and displaying three-dimensional parallax depth information on standard displays. These technologies allow for the creation of v3 imagery that appears more dimensional, sharper, with enhanced textures and greater realism when presented on a standard unaided (no glasses) display. In addition, a series of software toolsets for digital advertising, VR video gaming, medical-surgical imaging and military/law enforcement applications are available. Explore their offerings at:

There were SO MANY different offerings, all with their own unique take on what will be the future…

Fraunhofer Booth 11am
Fraunhofer Booth

Videostitch, stitching videos for seamless 360° – VideoStitch develops video stitching solutions to create Live Virtual Reality Video content. They virtually transport viewers using an Oculus Rift device where a multi-lens camera stands. Now, one can experience a live concert from home, a live news event, a class without the need to physically go there – in full 360° VR first-person perspective. See more at:

Whew!  Following Janet around certainly is tiring!  I onder where she’ll be tomorrow?  Tune in next time – same bat-time, same bat-channel!  🙂

The Future Zone unveiled the tomorrow – today at these special exhibits of

MakeTV Booth
MakeTV Booth

high dynamic range, in super hi-resolution, 2D, 3D and more, chosen from the world’s leading broadcast and academic research labs. Exhibits characterize the current state-of-the-art media technologies. As always, IBC did NOT disappoint! Bringing the global industry community together is the main objective of the IBC, and it carried the torch in an ongoing momentum, once again this year. For more information about The IBC, please visit: And always remember to stay blogged-in!

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