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IBC Show Day 3 Wrap-Up! #IBCShow


Day THREE of the IBC 2015 Show! Three down, two to go! And they saved the best for today!  Sunday is always the day that the industry creatives can “hang loose” and let loose with more secrets and tidbits they’ve been holding back on… and today had no shortage!

Since the mid-80’s, ACCESS has been making a name for itself in the advanced IT solutions and Access Sales Director Vincent Duval talking about Intel and AccessTwinesoftware technologies fields. Today, we got a look at Access Twine – the premier multiscreen management solution for media. New apps and features usable via Android, iOS, Mac, Windows and Windows Phone are now available!

François Quereuil, Senior Director , Worldwide Marketing at AsperaAspera is gracing their display at the IBC2015 this year with some top notch solutions this harvest season. Stop in and you might just reap one of these fabulous products. In the category of High speed transfer platforms, they have the FASP 3.6 Core Transport, New Watchfolder Service, Cluster Manager With AutoScale, FASPStream API, and the New ASCP4. Aspera also has additional fine products, like the Aspera Developer Network And SDK. They also have 5 apps they are showcasing this season.   They have so much neat stuff here, even the clouds are stuffed with goodies, like: Aspera on Demand, Aspera Analytics, and Aspera Files.At Contentwise talking about personalized digital tv with Pancrazio Auteri

Contentwise is all about personalized media, with services ranging from facilitating live on demand content through things like multi-screen pay TV to OTT and streaming services. Metadata Automation helps provide content managers with the top notch tools they need to effectively get the job done. The UX Engine helps provide users with the unique personalized content manipulation they come to expect from  Contentwise, along with flexible and dynamic editorial tools and analytics

Head of Broadcasting Thorsten Sauer of Ericsson speaks about Channel 5In addition to perusing the elegant solutions that the good folks at Ericsson have available for their partners, friends, and clients in media, the industry is abuzz with the 5-year deal they just made with the preeminent UK broadcaster channel 5 (Viacom). Thorsten Sauer, Head of Broadcasting at Ericsson, was spotted at their booth today.

Exterity was prominently exhibiting their innovative wares. Hearty proponents of the TV everywhere Chief Executive Officer Colin Farquhar of Exterity talking to Janet at his standmodel/philosophy, Exterity facilitates that ultimate goal via expertly crafted hardware and software, making smooth sailing for their clients through more complete connectivity. The quality of Exterity’s high-grade solutions can be easily discerned by the prominence of their clients. If TV Networks ABC, and Phoenix TV Beijing are already aboard you know they must run a tight ship. Ahoy!

GatesAir, Rich Redmond Chief Product OfficerJanet swung by GatesAir today to get a peek at this venerable company’s booth. With almost a century of broadcasting solutions under their belt, you can be assured they know what they’re doing, and are doing it well. A leader in innovative design, GatesAir has created some of the industry’s most operationally efficient transmitters, both for TV and radio.

Lars-Olof Janflod of Genelec is excited about the sustainable nature of the company; already a leader, Lars-Olof Janflod of Genelec is talking about their sustainable heritage as a companythey’ve set their sights on future growth. Genelec, the bar-none leader in active monitoring loudspeakers, is going to expand their focus and utilize their expertise to make a triumphant entry into the field of audio for 3D. Experience the unique Model 8351, and check out some of the other inroads they’ve made for 3D audio.

Preparations for our interview with GeniusdigitalGenius Digital is showing consumers the real world applications of their flagship product the Genius Digital’s Insight Platform. Four tier-1 operator customers (with over 8 million subscribers between them) are helping Genius Digital demonstrate the product that has helped their corporations achieve some of their collective goals. These guest operators covered such vital topics as: Advertisement, personalization, retention, and acquisition.

Piksel identified their global team as ‘Televisionaries’ and when you take a look at some of their Piksel is here! Executive VP Neil Berryaccomplishments, you can see why. They have an impressive product line that features such solutions as: Piksel video platform, Piksel mosaic, Voyage, and Piksel MCN. But that’s not the entirety of what they do. Piksel also helps other media outlets realize their own visions. They’ve many influential American and European companies in their endeavors

Snell Advanced Media (SAM) has a new booth at IBC 2015 to go along with their new name, brand, and Roger Thornton listening closely to his colleague at SAM, Neil Maycock is sayingvision. They feature a range of products, such as: TV Everywhere, Live TV, and News & Sports. With an exciting product suite to carry their bold new vision, they are sure to make their mark in media.

Scott Lofgren of upnp talking to Janet about improving The Internet Of ThingsAn impartial global industry standards group, the UPnP Forum has helped prepare the way for universal connectivity. With over a thousand member companies and organizations, this group is intent on facilitating and enabling device compatibility to advance the goal of global connectivity. The forum will be discussing new technologies and their applications and integration into the cloud and the effects on the global online community.

Vislink Communications Systems, the world leader in outside broadcast video content, brought their Janet enjoying herself on top of the Vislink sponsored racing carsponsored racing car along to the show. Janet took the opportunity to mug for the camera ala auto show style. Broadcast management systems, wireless camera systems, cellular, satellite transmission, microwave radio – yep, Vislink does all that, so I hope you raced on over to their booth and checked-out their impressive collection of media solutions.

And Facilis had THIS to say:

With the IBC Show 2015 almost to a close, with the IBC Awards announced today, I feel that it’s time that we announce our own awards here, in this forum!

Broadcast Beat Awards


1Wowza Streaming Engine (Wowza Media Systems) (Choice-Content Creation)

Keep the content flowing with the Wowza Streaming Engine – a customizable media server software system so simple to use that it allows your employees to put more energy into creating and generating content than understanding how to use your average new program. The Wowza Streaming Engine has arisen to help meet the ever increasing challenges for media. Top quality at an affordable price.

Highlights (Vimond) (Choice-Content Delivery)

Every question has a solution somewhere. With Highlights, Vimond has answers for video workflow. A2 carefully assembled collection of top-notch third party software is integrated to smoothly move information and files from here to there. Manipulate live feed like never before via a smooth and mighty workflow. Installation is a snap from start to finish. A new plateau has been reached: it is called Highlights.

3Lyric64 (ChyronHego) (Choice-Content Management)

The third quarter of this year saw the release of something special from ChyronHego. If you liked the Lyric solution then you’re going to love the Lyric 64! Lyric 64 has all the same great features as before, but now it’s faster and can juggle larger files simultaneously to help improve your workflow with its full and generous feature set. Its Lyric for the next generation!


RX-4 (iZotope) (Creativity-Content Creation)

In the real world the sound isn’t always perfect. Why should we settle for the real though, when we’re in 4the business of creating the ideal? With the iZotope’s RX-4 you can build the perfect sounds; strip out the background noises and smooth out the gaps, distortions, and inconsistencies. Audio that might be otherwise unusable can potentially be repaired with the RX-4. Fast, smooth, and seamless the only thing that could be better than the RX-4 is the RX-4Advanced.

5CloudPVR solution (Broadpeak) (Creativity-Content Delivery)

Do you daydream about the best way to deliver content as you gaze up at the clouds? Wait! That’s it! Deliver your content everywhere through the cloud! Broadpeak’s CloudPVR solution helps you spread TV everywhere all the time! Let your imagination soar through the clouds (along with your content) with the CloudPVR solution.

Observer OTT (Volicon) (Creativity-Content Management)

Top quality management and manipulation of your content is no further away than Observer OTT. Log 6and monitor your OTT services while streaming content seamless for your multi-platform media needs. Observer OTT can work with a broad array of devices and encodings and it can easily handle a range of devices from computers to smartphone’s. Simple operation (reminiscent of a DVR) allows a variety of features including things like proof of performance and remote use.


7Blackmagic Micro Studio Camera 4K (Blackmagic) (Innovation-Content Creation)

Big list of features, big manufacturer, big applications; tiny camera! The Blackmagic Micro Studio Camera 4: open design, amazing versatility, tough magnesium alloy core, and it just became available now! Make the other studios jealous – be the first in your city to get one!

Airflow (Editshare) (Innovation-Content Delivery)8

Access your files anywhere in the world through the privacy and safety of the editshare cloud. Airflow lets you pull your content down from the cloud to wherever you are and send it anywhere you need. If you need it fast send it through the clouds!

9Nexidia Dialogue Search v2 (Nexmedia) (Innovation-Content Management)

The Nexidia Dialogue Search v2 takes your meta-data to the next level. It does this by intertwining it with phonetics in your searching and filtering, and it also includes an expanded user interface and an Avid Interplay MAM Support. Get a taste of what this solution can do for you. Nexidia Dialogue Search v2 can search out any spoken word or phrase in mere seconds with the help of multiple media libraries.


Avid Media Central Platform (Avid) (Originality-Content Creation)

Whether you’re creating music dialogue or sound effects a studio requires greater efficiency as consumer10 demands grow. To fuel that efficiency requirement (and do other neat stuff to) check out the Avid Media Central Platform. The Avid Media Central Platform helps decipher and interpret your data and facilitate collaboration to better streamline it for maximum workflow.

11MFL Fiberbox Wideband Optical Link (Wisycom) (Originality-Content Delivery)

The MFL Fiberbox Wideband Optical Link is, quite simply THE solution for content delivery in media, even for live productions! Four RF pathways multiplexed via a single strand fiber allows unparalleled functionality via the Ethernet. This RF over fiber provides a platform for wireless control. To further enhance durability a new heavy duty casing is available; the MFL Fiberbox BX1-4U outdoor RF-Over-Fiber solution.

X10 UHD RF (I-Movix) (Originality-Content Management)

I-Movix provides an industry first with the X10 UHD RF: 4K support for seamless Super Slow Motion12 SSM) through Ultra Slow Motion (USM) allowing frame rates up to 1,000 FPS. The X10 UHD RF is a result of the combination of X10 ultra-motion technologies with Vision Research’s Phantom Flex4K camera. Features like switching between HD and 4K with instant re-configuration will cause sports fans to rejoice. The X10 UHD RF; super slo-mo with a fast smooth workflow!

Product of the Year

13HDC 4300 (Sony) (Product of the Year-Content Creation)

Sony is no stranger to top quality equipment. A perfect example of this is the HDC 4300. Once again Sony has an industry first: the world’s first camera that utilizes three 2/3-inch 4K image sensors. The HDC 4300 also includes a plethora of top quality features we’ve just come to expect as standard on Sony cameras. Cutting-edge tech with a familiar configuration allows the operat14or confidence, freedom, and flexibility while filming.

Envivio Muse Live (Envivio) (Product of the Year-Content Delivery)

If what you seek is quality content then Envivio Muse Live delivers it! Up to 100 top-quality SD (or 20 HD) channels, and it all fits in just 2 rack units of space! The kicker is that it does far more than just deliver content, it has a sweet suite of management features as well!

15Gold TS Protection (Bridge Technologies) (Product of the Year-Content Management)

Can’t find that pesky error? Let Gold TS Protection be your knight in shining armor! It vastly simplifies the calibration process and sniffs out errors like a bloodhound, allowing your studio to meet ETR290 Standards. Reduce your error correction time about a dozen times over with Gold TS Protection!

So that, my friends, in a nutshell, was Day 3… I don’t think I have to tell you to come back tomorrow – MONDAY -as there WILL be more surprises and a whole lot more Show!  By now, you should realize that to be “in the know,” you MUST stay blogged-in!  Catch you on the flipside!

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