IBC Show Day 4 Wrap-Up! #IBCShow

Although the show doesn’t officially end until tomorrow, this (essentially) is the LAST DAY of one of the most awesome media conventions around!  Sure, perhaps NAB (usually held in Las Vegas) is bigger, but the true internationals travel to Amsterdam every year for THIS particular showing!  There has been many opportunities for video interviews with those who make things happen, and we’d like to think that we got the best of them this time around!  Be sure to check them out on our YouTube Channel!

ARRI Master Anamorphic 135At the ARRI booth today, we got a peek at some of their latest stuff. Gaze upon the new Skypanel family of LED soft lights. Gander at the Electronic Control System (ECS) – a modular toolset for use with almost any camera (not just ARRI) that can be remote-enabled. They were also happy to discus recent news like their new high-speed ballasts for high-speed filming, and the increased functionality of their Alexa 65 Camera System rentals.

Autoscript/Autocue are just part of a broad array of products from Vitec Videocom that were at the Autoscript TeleprompterIBC2015. Enhance your workflow at home and abroad with the newest stuff from Autoscript. If you had the chance to swing by Autocue’s booth, I hope you checked-out their new E.P.I.C.19 prompter. If you thought that was neat, you should have also checked-out the iPad teleprompter. Three different solutions are available, offering the necessary hardware to transmute your iPad today!

Speaking of Vitec, Vitec Videocom, the Broadcast Division of the Vitec Group plc, has partnered with Vizrt to bolster the global reach of Ncam’s real-time virtual camera tracking technology. The agreement is effective immediately.  Read more about it here:

Chris Witmayer crashing our interview with Seth Cohen of NexsanImation brings us Nexsan; with a portfolio of impressive product lines like this, they’re almost certain to have the solution you need. Global data storage solutions in a high security environment. Protect your precious content while keeping it easily obtainable. A variety of hybrid storage solutions and cloud services add value to this already top notch option.

AJA Video Systems has the beautiful CION production camera in their booth. Now available in the new CION by AJA is On the Air!4K/Ultra HD as well as 2K/HD. With neat features like ready to edit Apple ProRes 4444 operating at up to at up to 4K 30fps, ProRes 422 operating on 4K at up to 60fps, and Raw 4K up to 120fps, what’s not to love? Functional, Beautiful, Sweet!

And THIS JUST IN: Amagi, a leader in cloud-based broadcast infrastructure and targeted TV advertising, was declared the winner of the IBC2015 Innovation Award in the “Content Delivery” category!  Check-out the video, below:

DVBcss DisplayDVB is spreading the word on CSS (Companion Screens and Streams) Parts 1, 2, & 3. In Part 1: Concepts, roles and overall architecture were examined; Part 2 was Content ID and Media Synchronisation, and Part 3 was Discovery. DVB is a collection of over 200 broadcasters working toward a worldwide compatible and inter-operable system of media and broadcasting. This IBC, they showcased their work in MPEG, DASH, and Second Screen Technology.

A leader in the Global market place for video software solutions and innovations, Envivio has attracted Envivio Booththe attention of media giant Ericsson. This lead to the announcement at the beginning of this year’s IBC, that it has reached an agreement to acquire this San Francisco born company. This has somewhat overshadowed another very recent but exciting announcement that Envivio Muse™ Live Ultra HD will merge its processing power with that of Dolby Vision to produce UHD video with vivid HDR.

Graham Thomas at BBC R&D SeminarHey look – it’s the Prof! Graham Thomas is the Principal Technologist at the BBC’s R&D (Immersive & Interactive Content Section). The Good professor was available at 2 seminars: the “360 Content and Virtual Reality: A new creative medium or gamers’ paradise?” and “What caught my eye – Blue Sky Thinking.” Cool Stuff, and an excellent opportunity to hear the plan from the man himself!

Itelsis group (based in Spain) had some leading edge innovations and solutions to share. Experts in the The Itelsis Advantagedesign and manufacture of such helpful electronics as: digital transmitters, gapfillers, regenerative transmitters, and transposers brought their newest solutions in the medium power range to the floor here at IBC2015. Itelsis is on the rise!

Tricaster's Green Screen After taking a look at all the potential TriCaster and mobile green screen applications, it’s apparent that media is becoming more and more accessable for on-site applications and start ups. The variety of available features in the latest TriCaster line continues to grow along with the industry-wide availability of portable green screens for live presentations. You can always see what’s in store at the IBC show!

Hey – for those of you who missed it, Sony Expands their Media Offerings with Ultra-fast, Rugged Portable RAIDs in 6TB & 4TB Models; 256GB SxS PRO+ Memory Card for 4K and High-capacity Content On-the-Go – See more at:

Well, as all good things must come to an end, so is the case with Amsterdam’s IBC Show 2015!  We’d like to thank all of you readers for following along with us and viewing our exploits as we brought some of the most fascinating news, information and interviews with the media superstars!  We had great fun bringing it to you, and hope that you’ll keep turning to us for all the latest and greatest in the industry! As always, stay tuned to the Broadcast Beat website ( – and don’t forget to stay blogged-in!  Until next time…

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