#IBCShow 2016: Imagine Communications Absolute Play-out and Storage Solutions!

IBC Show LogoAt #IBCShow 2016, Imagine Communications, (stand 4.A01) are showcasing a seamless approach to media operations that will enable not only cost effectiveness in overall expansion, but also give a flexible approach for production, play-out and dissemination! The powerful Versio IOX Storage and Telurio IOX Storage enables operations for all forms of media to be distributed in advanced content environments.

The Versio IOX Storage, is so versatile that is supports both Ethernet and Fibre Channel connections, provides 10s of gigabits-per-second streaming and is fully compatible to the market leading Nexio Farad storage solution for existing Imagine Communications existing customers! Also to note: the Verisio IOX Storage offers RAIDSoft striping that increases bandwidth and in order to ensure the high demand of availability of media content, Intrinsic Mirroring is ready for action!

Now, for storage requirements of the video service provider, Telurio IOX Storage  offers OTT and cloud DVR services by continuously supporting thousands of channels (if that is your desire) of recorded media for not only short term but long tern retention as well!  The tiered architecture is how this solution delivers the performance and storage requirements!

“Today’s storage systems must evolve to enable media companies to fully exploit the agility and versatility of next-generation virtualized playout versio_iox_heroand distribution environments,” said Brick Eksten, Chief Product Officer, Imagine Communications. “We created an adaptive storage solution architected with our market-leading playout and distribution solutions, helping to ensure that our customers can fully modernize their operations by supporting today’s workflows with storage fully optimized for the performance, scalability, adaptability and reliability of tomorrow’s hybrid and virtualized environments.”

Here is the listing of features provided by Imagine Communications:

Flexible capacity and bandwidth – Capable of scaling to 5 petabytes of usable storage and 48 gigabits-per-second bandwidth, Versio IOX Storage enables the seamless scaling of storage and bandwidth as business needs grow, without disrupting existing media operations or interrupting on-air operations.

High availability – Versio IOX Storage uses RAID-601 to protect against drive, controller and storage chassis failures to enable continuous broadcast operations, with no performance degradation even in the event of multiple, simultaneous failures.

Facilitates collaboration – A true shared-storage access solution and single repository for content from ingest, production and playout operations, Versio IOX Storage eliminates file copying procedures to provide a fast-turnaround editorial environment and a shorter time to air for media companies struggling to keep pace with escalating consumer demand.

Reduces capital expenditures – Versio IOX Storage is an economically attractive entry-level storage solution that works with existing solutions and supports a pay-as-you-go expansion model.
Easy to manage – The new Imagine Communications storage solution allows unattended drive failover and rebuilds, supports remote monitoring and diagnostics and features an information- rich, web-based graphical user interface.

For a demonstration of Imagine Communications’ Versio IOX Storage and Telurio IOX Storage solutions, please visit Amtrium, Stand 4.A01 at IBC2016.

For more information about Imagine Communications, please visit:

About Imagine Communications

imaginecommunications_full-colorImagine Communications empowers the media and entertainment industry through transformative innovation. Broadcasters, networks, video service providers and enterprises around the world rely on our optimized, future-proof, multiscreen video and revenue enablement solutions every day to support their mission-critical operations. Today, nearly half of the world’s video channels traverse our products, and our software solutions drive close to a third of global ad revenue. Through continuous innovation we are delivering the most advanced IP, cloud-enabled, software-defined network and workflow solutions in the industry. Visit for more information, and follow us on Twitter @imagine_comms.

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