Ideal Systems integrates Bluefish444 IngeSTore & Adobe Premiere Pro CC for Edit-While-Record with Live Sports

Ideal Systems is an industry-leading broadcast, audiovisual, and media systems integrator providing innovative technology solutions to broadcast, telecommunications, enterprise, banking & finance, hospitality, F&B, retail, government, education and performance venue clients.

With over 29 years in the broadcast space, the Asia-Pacific based company spans 14 offices in the region with well over 300 completed projects in its lifetime. Ideal Systems manage to stay at the forefront of technology advancements used in next generation solutions.

Ideal Systems was approached by a major football body in Malaysia to provide them with a solution to record, archive and perform shot logging for all of their competition matches. To meet these requirements, Ideal Systems needed multiple channels of SDI ingest in a single system, running on commodity hardware, to capture live feeds during the football matches, without being locked into a proprietary server platform.

Ideal Systems chose to work with Bluefish444 after comparing the offerings of a number of other vendors. They found the Bluefish444 solution worked best for these live sports requirements. They settled on an Epoch | 4K Supernova S+ for the live SDI video ingest, and IngeSTore multi-channel capture software that comes bundled with it.

“We have a great relationship with Bluefish444, and their products always offer the best quality and reliability,” comments Updesh Singh, Director of Technology at Ideal Systems. “IngeSTore is a very stable product and works great with minimal fuss or training.”

With the primary NLE for live editing being Adobe Premiere Pro CC, Ideal Systems were confident the Bluefish444 Edit-While-Record workflow would integrate well. Having had previously integrated Bluefish444 video cards for both Adobe NLE post-production projects, and IngeSTore as a stand-alone capture and encode to shared storage workflow solution.

Ideal Systems extensively trialed the combination of Epoch and IngeSTore with the BlueCodecPack licence, to ensure it was the best fit for live production editing before committing to the purchase. Ideal’s rigorous testing of the workflow from live multi-channel ingest to final NLE publishing, proved the Bluefish444 solution would deliver the results they were looking for.

The Supernova S+ card and IngeSTore software provide simultaneous capture of up to four SD/HD or two 3G sources in their native resolutions, encoded in real-time to the XDCAM 50Mbps format for Adobe editors to access in a near-live workflow.

To allow editors to share the XDCAM files, Ideal Systems integrated the Bluefish444-powered workstation with SNS EVO storage for capture directly to network-attached storage. This multi-vendor workflow solution allowed editors running on the same local network to access XDCAM files in real-time, via the Edit-While-Record features of IngeSTore coupled with Adobe Premiere Pro’s native support for growing files in the XDCAM format. Editors are able to quickly cut and mark highlights, and then publish the edited content.

“The Edit-While-Record functionality of IngeSTore combined with Premiere Pro is fantastic!” says Singh. “The quality of the ingest is really amazing, and an added bonus is that we’ve reduced our operational editing time of a match by over two hours.”

After a number of months of continual operation, Ideal Systems have found the solution is able to keep up with their demands during the live football matches, and expect to use Bluefish444 products again on upcoming projects.

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