IEEE BTS Calls for Sponsors to Host New IP Video Course

‘IP Video for Broadcast Engineers’ Is Latest in Society’s Lineup of Technical Training Seminars; Host Sponsors Receive Tuition Discount

MELVILLE, N.Y. — June 2, 2015 — The IEEE Broadcast Technology Society (BTS) today announced a call for sponsors to host upcoming sessions of the society’s new one-day course, “IP Video for Broadcast Engineers.” Taught by Wes Simpson, owner of Telecom Product Consulting, the course made its debut on April 11 in Las Vegas with sponsorship by PBS in conjunction with PBS TechCon.

The course provides a detailed look at the key technologies used to transmit video signals over IP networks to viewers, for contribution and distribution, and within production facilities. Simpson explains the underlying technologies involved and describes practical applications, introducing students to a range of terminology and industry standards and demonstrating how IP video technologies will impact their current and future plans for video networking and delivery.

The “IP Video for Broadcast Engineers” course is designed to accommodate 30 or more attendees at a cost of $150 per student. The course can be hosted privately by a broadcast organization or can be open to the public. Host organizations may be entitled to receive a discount on student tuition, and IEEE BTS members receive a 5 percent discount toward tuition. Modules to be covered include IP basics, IP video, consumer video delivery, IP contribution/distribution networks, private and in-studio IP video, and system-level considerations.

“By hosting ‘IP Video for Broadcast Engineers,’ sponsors have the opportunity to address the needs of engineers, managers, and technicians who need to come up to speed quickly on the wide range of new technologies that are shaping the broadcast facilities and networks of today and tomorrow,” Simpson said. “Since we come to the site, the sponsor and engineers can receive training within the convenience of their own facility.”

More information about attending or hosting the “IP Video for Broadcast Engineers” is available by contacting Amy Reeder at +1 732 562 5416 or by emailing her at Additional information about the Society is available at

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