IHSE KVM System Enables Agile Training Environment and Flexible Product Demos at EVS Headquarters

CRANBURY, N.J. — July 31, 2018 — IHSE USA has supplied EVS with a robust KVM system that supports a new state-of-the-art training center and several product demo areas at the EVS headquarters in Fairfield, New Jersey. The IHSE KVM system gives EVS trainers the flexibility to prebuild instruction sessions for convenient access and, during training sessions, to push their screens to trainee-operators’ monitors and vice versa. The IHSE gear also supports an interactive product demo in the building’s reception area, as well as stations in a VIP room used for client demos.

“With IHSE KVM gear in place, we have the flexibility, configurability, and robust switching necessary to make our new training center shine,” said Robert Viola, vice president of technical operations for EVS Americas. “Thanks to our history of success with IHSE, and especially the success we’ve had with our U.S. headquarters training center since it opened in June of 2017, we’re looking to add IHSE KVM gear as we expand our regional training centers.”

EVS has established a dozen training facilities around the world, not only to introduce new products and offer in-depth, hands-on training on how to make the most of them, but also to understand customer requirements and use cases for EVS products. At its Fairfield facility, EVS uses the IHSE KVM for all seats in its new main instruction room, which features 10 seats and 20 monitors for nine trainees and a trainer, plus two 70-inch, wall-mounted monitors. All screens are touch-screen-enabled, and every seat — monitors, keyboard, mouse, and touch screens — is accessible by KVM. Two of the instruction room seats also feed the EVS facility’s main conference room, making it possible for meeting participants to call up information from the instruction room during a meeting.

The IHSE KVM system also supports stations in a VIP room used for dedicated behind-the-curtains demos and proofs of concept with VIP clients. Two further seats in the reception area allow visiting customers to interact with X-One, a new touchscreen-enabled product from EVS, before getting into their in-depth training.

“We’ve been using IHSE equipment inside our EVS Live on Tour demo van since April 2016 to give customers onsite demonstrations of the latest EVS live production solutions,” added Rob. “IHSE also came highly recommended by many of our customers, including engineers and operators from Game Creek Video, which is what prompted us to turn to IHSE in the first place.”

The new Fairfield installation of IHSE gear features an 80-port Draco tera compact switch wired with Cat5e cable, along with associated CON and CPU units that go on either end of the peripheral and connect to all the devices in the EVS rack room. All the equipment resides in the main equipment room, keeping the instruction room quiet; only the connection units from IHSE run within the instruction room.

Rather than allowing an operator to call up a product and use it to send something from point A to point B, as is the typical use case, the new IHSE KVM system at EVS makes it possible to present and push a trainer’s screens to the operators and vice versa. Trainers and trainees can effectively simulcast their local seats from place to place. With a keyboard stroke, trainees can quickly switch back to their local machines to practice the functions in the lesson. Trainees also can push their own screens to the large monitors in the front of the room.

Trainers use the Draco tera tool software to build screen layouts and lessons for the wide variety of EVS products. Later, it simply takes a few minutes for instructors to load the appropriate lesson before class starts. This process is a major improvement over the old workflow, which required a support engineer and a day’s worth of time to reconfigure the training lab for each new class. The robust KVM switching capability of the IHSE system also makes it easy to pass seat control from room to room, even over significant distances within the building.

EVS is globally recognized as the video production technology leader, and we’re proud that our KVM technology plays a key role in the company’s training and product development efforts,” said Dan Holland, marketing manager for IHSE USA.

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