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Ikan Goes to Vegas – NAB 2017


Did you attend NAB 2017? So did we and 103,443 of our closest friends! If you weren’t able to attend, this recap will give you the details on what you missed and everything you need to know about Ikan‘s new releases from this year’s show in Vegas.

This year, we had our biggest booth yet. We also had a bunch of new products to show at NAB and big giveaways.Ikan NAB 2017 Group

We released the following new products at NAB:

Stryder Lights

We released the SB200, a 5″ Fresnel light, and the SW50, a 4″ Fresnel light. The Stryder line is a great group of new portable field lights that will work in almost any situation.

Check out Barry’s interview on Studio Daily on the Stryder line.

New Mylo Lights

We added the Mylo mini (MB4) and Mylo soft (MSB8) lights to our Mylo LED family. The Mylo mini has high CRI LEDs with bi-color adjustability ranging from 3200K-5600K. The Mylo soft lights have high CRI chip LEDs paired with a 1/2 stop soft diffusion panel. These lights are portable and extremely bright.


We introduced our newest on camera LED lights at NAB this year: the Onyx. The Onyx is high quality LED lighting at an affordable price and comes in two sizes, the OYB120 and OYB240.

Lyra and Rayden DMX Lights

We elevated our line of Lyra and Rayden LED panel lights this year by adding DMX capabilities. These lights are perfect for big studio installations and any type of corporate event that needs lighting.

OBM Series – 4K Production Monitors

We teamed up with Postium to create a feature-rich line of 4K production monitors. The OBM series now includes: the OBM-U310, OBM-U550L, OBM-U170, and OBM-U240. These monitors are packed with the features that professionals are looking for such as HDR functions, Scopes, 3D LUTs, and much more.

New Ikan Monitors

We announced four new monitors: the new Ikan D6, the high bright D7s, the D24, and the VX20.

Blitz Pro

We added two new products to the Blitz line of wireless video systems: the BZ400-PRO and the BZ1000-PRO. The system features reliable uncompressed and zero delay video transmission at an affordable price.

NiSi Circular Polarizers for Matte Boxes

We introduced a new NiSi Circular Polarizer for matte box trays at NAB this year. The polarizers come in two sizes: the NIC-4565-CPL (4 x 5.65 inches) and the NIC-66-CPL (6.6 x 6.6 inches). Made out of high quality optical glass and Nitto polarizing film, the NiSi Circular Polarizer can effectively prevent reflections on the surface from non-metallic or polarized light.

PD Movie Remote Live 2

We unveiled the new PD Movie Remote Live 2 which helps professionals gain control of their lens’ focus, iris, and zoom. It’s perfect for camera operators who like to pull their own focus. The Remote Live 2 is available in a single (PDL-F), dual (PDL-FZ), or three channel control kit (PDL-3CH-FIZ).

Remote Air Pro

We updated the Remote Air Pro with a new design and updated app. With a sleek new design, the hand controller includes a focus knob and pressure zoom switch. The Remote Air Pro system was also designed for 3D and VR shooting. It has the ability to operate up to 6 channels for 3D shooting and gives you the ability to assign multiple motors to one channel for VR. The Remote Air Pro is available has a single motor kit (PD3-S1), two motor kit (PD3-S2), and three motor kit (PD3-S3).


We showed off our latest gimbals including the EC1 and MS-PRO. The EC1 can hold DSLR and mirrorless cameras between 2.0 to 4.5 lbs while the MS-PRO works with mirrorless cameras up to 1.9 lbs (900 grams). The gimbals are great for capturing stable professional video content. In addition, the gimbals can be added to a monopod or dual handle grip (DGH) for better shooting. We’re also currently developing a Bluetooth remote to work with the gimbals.

To learn more about these new products, see the full list of NAB Show 2017 Releases or visit www.ikancorp.com.


Besides new products, we also had a spin-to-win wheel and daily giveaways worth over $20,000. Here’s some of our winners:

The grand prize winner:

NAB 2017 Grand Prize Winner

It was great to see everyone whether we were meeting them for the first time or the hundredth time. Thanks for stopping by the Ikan NAB booth! We’ll see you next year in Vegas!

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