Ikan’s New EVF-35 Kit is having an Immediate Impact


This month, Ikan has released its all new EVF-35 kit and it has been making an immediate impact. The new kit incorporates the VL35 4K on-camera monitor with a new viewfinder attachment that makes the ability to get the best quality shots even that much more assured.

The Ikan Corporation, based in Houston, creates, manufacturers and distributes award-winning products that are used around the world in photography, video and film production. The company, formed in 2005, first introduced a single on-camera HD video monitor, and since that time, remains ahead of the curve in this ever evolving technology. With over 50 authorized dealers worldwide, Ikan continues to offer the highest quality products such as camera support rigs, lighting equipment, gimbals, teleprompters, and a host of accessories for use in either field or studio productions.


The new features to the EVF-35 kit include:

  • The kit comes complete with the VL 35 monitor, the viewfinder, a Canon E6 battery plate and and a useful and convenient carry pouch.
  • The VL 35 monitor has 800 x 400 resolution, 4K and Ultra HD support via HDMI and HDMI input as well as output. Also, the VL 35 has histogram, composite input, headphone output plus false color, peaking, clip and pixel to pixel guide books.

The kit is having an immediate impact for VL 35 users. The VL 35 is a small, and highly compact, on-camera that supports 4K resolution and Ultra HD. In addition, the VL 35 is a wise choice as it makes it perfect for gimbals and lighter weight camera systems particularly those systems that have no built in displays such as the GoPro.


The VL 35 allows you to focus in on the smallest of pixels to produce perfect HD content as images can be scaled-down to the native resolution. If you find yourself in a rather tight place, the VL 35 is just the tool for the job. This compact kit is the ultimate tool for DSLR shooters, any filmmakers using a camera with 4K HDMI output, mirrorless shooters, and feature filmmakers.

“Ever since we released the VL 35,” says Dariel Resendez, Ikan‘s Product Manager, “our customers have been asking for an EVF solution for this monitor. With the EVF-35 kit, we’re happy to say that we now offer this solution in an attractive and affordable package.”


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