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ILOOK: The Only Over The Internet Television (OTT) Provider in Town!


The concept of OTT has evolved throughout the years and now there is a true avenue for us to take full advantage with ILOOK! This exciting TVapp has a clear impact over cable, satellite and telecom television providers whereas,  it can host an unlimited number of TV networks. In simple terms, ANYONE can build and operate a monetized TV network on ILOOK!

ILOOK can instantly convert YouTube into branded channel apps for your mobile! What’s very cool is that YouTube channel owners now can directly brand their play buttons on mobile devices. The way it works for creating your own TV Network is condensed into 4 easy steps: 1) Log into your ILOOK account 2) Click on the Create New TVapp button 3) Link a YouTube channel to your TVapp 4) Click the Publish button. These actions automatically create your own mobile TVapp that behaves just like a TV network! *Your TVapp, containing all your video, is automatically submitted to mobile app stores where it becomes available for download by TV viewers. You do NOT need an iOS/Android developer account. Note: To maintain quality, app stores reserve the right to reject apps that do not contain adequate video content and/or are not adequately described.

After your TVApp is published using ILOOK the major  features of this powerful product provides: 1) Synchronization adds a video to a linked YouTube channel, and it automatically shows up in your TVapp 2) Uploading videos can be uploaded by linking one or more YouTube channels directly to your ILOOK account (rather than to a TVapp). Uploaded videos are available for syndication, reverse-syndication and monetization 3) Syndication allows for the export videos from your ILOOK account into other people’s TVapps. You do not  need to own a TVapp. 4) Reverse- syndication imports videos from ILOOK into your TVapp 5) Monetization whereas- ILOOK supports three monetization methods: pay-per-view (PPV), subscriptions, and TV commercials. Monetization revenue collected by ILOOK is automatically forwarded to TVapp owners and their syndicators. ILOOK does not keep any part of a TVapp’s PPV, subscription and e-commerce revenue.

Another really nice feature includes the ILOOK commercials or Featured Videos (or FVs) with the process of inserting FVs into TVapps is called Paid-syndication. Any video, regardless of length, can be designated as an FV. The FV’s are automatically inserted across all TVapps that have the Featured Videos option enabled! *When FVs are enabled by a TVapp, a single FV is inserted at the end of a video if at least ten minutes have elapsed since the last FV. The TVapp treats FVs just like any other video – allowing them to be paused and even skipped. When an FV is skipped before its end, the advertiser is billed on a prorated basis. For example, if a 30 second FV is skipped after 5 seconds, the advertiser is only charged 50% of the CPM bid amount. ILOOK also displays FV listings in the Guide in the order of decreasing CPM bid amount with the highest CPM bid FV on top interleaving with regular videos. All available FVs are listed, optionally limited by context. Every FV played is logged in History and can be replayed at a later time.  Information about an FV (possibly with “Buy Now” links) appears in the Info pane of the ChannelApp.

The broadcasting network landscape is rapidly changing and with OTT coming to age, there is no better place to look than to ILOOK! For more information on this wonderful product checkout:www.ilook.tv/

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