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Sunnyvale – that bustling city in California’s Silicon Valley has seen yet another corporate acquisition meant to increase options and flexibility in the media sector. RGB Networks, Inc., a major player in providing solutions for delivery of video on multiple screens, has had the majority of its employees agree to join with Imagine Communications, a rising star in media, with interests in infrastructure, global TV, networks, broadcast stations, multichannel video programming distributors, as well as governments and private enterprise.

RGB LOGOImagine Communications will subsume RGB Networks physical assets and incorporate into them its increasingly diverse portfolio. Imagine now has ultimate control over the IP cloud-based VDS (video delivery systems), allowing them use of cloud DVR, AD insertion and video packaging. RGB is currently utilized in 400+ locations globally be providers of services for communications; Imagine should easily be able to scale-up and enhance this footprint, with its video platform for delivery of end-to-end playout and distribution. The overall effect of this will be to give imagine a huge ‘blanket’ of global coverage to deploy their video solutions within.

As an industry leader in this video niche in world media, Imagine is now in a position to create the archetype form in the next step in multiscreen software that dwells in the cloud. Imagine multi-screen content any place or time. The acquisition of RGB Networks was a key piece for this vision of future media. Imagine got leading edge tech with a loyal customer base along with tech and sales people with exactly the right skills to help focus this vision to meet the continual unveiling of new devices along with ensuring compatibility with what’s already here. RGB has the right tech and technical personnel to weather the transcoding issues this will present. RGB and transcoding? Come on… they got this! RGB Networks’ Just-in-Time Packaging (which I’ll just call Jitpak for the sake of a fun new word) greatly simplifies making VOD, NDVR and TV Everywhere Services available while bypassing the need to pre-packaging video assets in the various streaming formats. Can you say cost reduction? Nice.

RGB Network’s CEO Jef Graham see’s the advantage to the industry and overall progress made possible by this new corporate union; “By combining our award-winning innovations with Imagine Communications’ vision and resources, our integrated portfolios will greatly advance the transformation of the video delivery landscape. Our customers will benefit from Imagine Communications’ high-touch services, extended support, and a broad portfolio of video playout and networking distribution solutions.”

Another bit of RGB Networks tech that gets enhanced by this combination of corporate resources is Dynamic Ad Insertionversiocloud (DAI) technology. This tech is designed with an average bitrate in mind, it works inside the clouds virtual environment in an ethereal (read; virtualized) data center. The software is designed to organize and enact addressable ad and content campaigns concurrently. RGB’s software will enable Imagine Communications to create and insert advertisements that have been personalized in true time into a subscribers streaming video media feed, already transcribed to match that clients preferences. This increases customer engagement, and focuses the clouds virtual resources to further monetize the subscriber’s media stream. This allows multi-client personalization of advertisements for real time delivery on an epic scale, to any device with IP.

The evolution of the internet and world media is driven by increasingly dynamic change. The combination of Imagine Communication and RGB Networks has produced one such change by introducing a multiple screen IP based personalizable video delivery system. This tech has taken streaming advertisement monetization to the next level. Media consumers can now effectively access their desired content anywhere internet is available, translated for any device, at any time. Citizens of the virtual life have enhanced DVR functionality to seek desired content and providers and advertisers have further monetized that same personalized video stream with narrowly targeted ad insertion. Companies that seek to tout their wares don’t need to barrage huge sections of the population with advertisements in hopes of a small percentage of ROI, now only those chosen as ideal recipients of their message are notified of particular companies offerings. This yields a much higher density of favorable response.

RGB Networks is Imagine Communications’ fourth corporate media procurement in a linear year. Just as every acquisition previously, this corporate union is a carefully considered move to build global infrastructure to carry out Imagines Communications goals and vision for the advancement of global media. In 2014 Imagine Communications was an industry leader in presenting innovative cutting edge technology to the media industry while presenting new avenues for enhanced customer creativity, satisfaction, and imagination.

New Imagine Communications tech introduced in 2014 where the industry’s first hybrid SDI/IP platform: Magellan SDN Orchestrator then that landmark was followed by another the; VersioCloud the industry’s first fully integrated IP-enabled cloud playout COTS (commercial-off the-shelf) platform. Two industry firsts weren’t quite enough for the so they received two awards; Entrepreneurial Company of the Year (Frost & Sullivan, for the video encoding and transcoding category), and the companies 9th (!) Emmy Award (for interoperability of JPEG2000 compression technology). Imagine Communications leadership decided to round out the year with its carefully selected acquisitions of a handful of select media properties.

2015 has started with a bang, the acquisition of RGB Networks and all that portends got things going on a nice solid footing. The weather in Imagines Communications share of the cloud is sunny and clear. Make sure to swing by their booth (N2702) at the 2015 NAB Show, take a peek at the wild ride they have in store for the industry. (Spoiler alert; Industry Game-Changers).


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