Ina EXPERT Installs Broadcast Pix VOX Visual Radio Systems to Prepare Students for Emerging Trend

Billerica, Massachusetts  – Visual radio is a growing trend, as many radio stations around the world are providing live video feeds of their radio programming via the Internet in an effort to turn listeners into viewers. Broadcast Pix™ today announced Ina EXPERT, an international school for broadcasting and new media careers based in France, has installed VOX™ visual radio systems at two of its campuses to address the need for training for this new element of radio broadcasting.

Installed by Paris-based systems integrator SAV, one VOX is located in the “Media Training” room in Ina EXPERT’s new training center in Issy-les-Moulineaux near Paris. The system is used to record student performances for later review, as well as to record courses and Ina EXPERT Vox Usemeetings. Another VOX system was installed at the Ina EXPERT campus in Bry-sur-Marne, also close to Paris, to complement all hands-on radio vocational training.

“Filmed radio is the future, it was essential to include this module in our training,” said Bruno Burtre, deputy director of Ina EXPERT. “We decided to install a VOX system for its simplicity and speed. The system is flexible and Broadcast Pix is easy to use.” Ina EXPERT also strives to teach with equipment used by the industry, and Burtre noted that “many radio stations are already equipped” with VOX.

When paired with any Flint™, Granite™, or Mica™ integrated production switcher, VOX automatically detects which microphone is being used and produces video-follow-audio productions without an operator. Since it was introduced in 2011, it has been used for visual radio as well as government and corporate meetings for television, Internet, and in-house projection. Broadcast Pix has more than 100 VOX installations across Europe, the Middle East, and Africa (EMEA).

Using the power of Broadcast Pix’s built-in Fluent Macros, VOX can add or remove graphics, roll clips and animations, execute complex picture-in-picture compositions, and incorporate information from external data sources like Twitter to create an appealing visual experience.  Multiple macros can be assigned to each microphone – and selection criteria can be established – to create varied shot selection and graphics, as if a technical director was at the controls.

Conditions can be set to prevent coughs or one-word comments from triggering camera changes. Plus, microphone inputs can be prioritized, so a host, for example, can be given priority over guests. A host can also control VOX to roll a video clip or even override the automated VOX control to bring up a specific shot.

VOX includes a 1 RU breakout box hardware interface with eight microphone inputs, and multiple VOX boxes can be cascaded to support up to 104 microphones. Earlier this year, Broadcast Pix announced VOX Lite, a small-scale version with support for four microphones. Both versions include camera control software for Panasonic and Sony robotic cameras.

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