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Inaugural ‘Genius Digital Data Spotlight’ reveals improved targeting of VoD can drive global revenues by $375m


Genius Digital, the experts in audience analytics for TV, have today announced the launch of the company’s inaugural ‘Genius Digital Data Spotlight’ research paper.

Through working with TV providers all over the world, Genius Digital have been able to collect and analyse vast amounts of audience viewing data, helping operators to harness this data to make better business decisions. This has given the team a unique view on how some of the wider trends, which are discussed and debated across the broadcast industry, are playing out in different parts of the world.

The new paper, which features a series of analyses on some of the most pressing issues facing the broadcast industry, will share data points from across Genius Digital’s customer base and the wider market to try and add clarity and colour to some of the most talked about topics genius-digital-logoacross the ever-changing broadcast industry. This is the first iteration of what will be a recurring series, looking to assess the industry impact of some of the data trends the Genius Digital team are seeing across their customer base.

The first Genius Digital Data Spotlight focuses on how operators can maximise the VoD opportunity by utilising their data more effectively. The paper uses this data to outline how Genius Digital customers have seen significant uplift in VoD revenues and usage through improved and more personalised targeting. As the research highlights, by not targeting in this way, Genius estimates that operators are losing up to $375m in VoD revenues globally.

Additional pieces included in Spotlight provide further analysis on

  • How data can solve the sports viewing challenge
  • How operators can understand multi-modal consumption
  • Total audience measurement to extend live sports revenues – a partner perspective from Steve Christian SVP of Marketing at Verimatrix

Tom Weiss, CEO and Co-Founder of Genius Digital commented: “It’s our experience that data has an impTom Weiss_Headshotortant role to play in enabling broadcasters and operators to attain their key KPIs.  Whether it is VoD revenues and usage, keeping customers engaged in live sports content in an increasingly competitive market, or even simply understanding how content is being consumed – using actionable insights derived from deep viewing data can make the world of difference.”

“Our first Spotlight looks to shine a light on these issues, and we hope this becomes a useful resource for our customers and the wider broadcast industry moving forward – to see how they too can use data to revolutionise their overall business strategy with data” concluded Weiss.

The full report can be downloaded here.