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INSIGHT TV Brings High Energy to China!


In the world of ultra high definition (UHD) content of live action sports and entertainment, distribution is a key component to success. Now, there is a UHD HDR provider that will be distributing high energy viewable content to the masses in China and throughout Asia, that provider just happens to be one of the world’s largest, INSIGHT TV.

“China represents a strong and growing market for UHD content, especially when you look at the rapid pace with which 4K television sets are being shipped there,” adds Rian Bester, CEO, INSIGHT TV. “At the same time, there’s limited UHD content available in China, so this deal with Belcor Media really gives us an exciting opportunity to break into a new market where we can meet the growing consumer demand for high-quality 4K UHD programmes.” 

INSIGHT TV will certainly “quench the thirst” of the adventurous television watcher. The channel lineups are categorized in such a way that action sports, lifestyles, and entertainment programing is continuously being added to INSIGHT TV’s expansive video collection!  Now with the collaborative efforts of Belcor Media, a consulting firm the helps establish broadcast and media companies to launch services across China and Asia, INSIGHT TV has expanded to the continent of Asia on a 24/7/365-basis.

Thierry Raymeakers, Founder & Principal at Belcor Media says, “We’re excited to help INSIGHT TV make inroads into a new market and build a footprint in Asia. The company produces some of the best 4K HDR content in the world and when you couple this with the pressing demand for UHD content in China, there’s a solid opportunity for growth here.”

There are various ways to watch INSIGHT TV. Through your Smart TV (supporting Samsung, Sony and Chromecast- just download the app and watch. Coming soon), Mobile Devices (Android, iPad, iPhone- download the app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store), and of course PC’s and Laptops (INSIGHTTV.TVusing your favorite browser from any computer). Also, you can join for free at  Start your annual pass (starting at $24.99) or your monthly pass (starting at $2.99) with a 14 day free trial! The added bonus is that you can cancel at any time! How can you go wrong with ad free streaming in UHD/4K/HDR quality at anytime and anywhere!

About *TERN (TV Entertainment Reality Network):

We bring you the next generation of television broadcasting. TV Entertainment Reality Network (TERN) brings first-class programs to viewers globally, through linear and nonlinear platforms. From content creation, production and talent management to music publishing and delivery, TERN owns every step of the process, guaranteeing a premium experience for partners and viewers. We deliver content the way our viewers want to watch it, in an immersive fashion. We challenge the status quo in the market through technological innovation and a defining vision in interactive media.

About Belcor Media:

The fast track to outsourced sales in broadcast technologies and entertainment & media ecosystems in China and across Asia. We offer a fast-track to a best-in-class sales team with a local presence and adequate scale, so the risk, expenses and “management time” associated with hiring a “local team” is minimized. You can focus on your key priorities in your business like product innovation, resourcing other growth projects and core strategic business objectives.