Insight TV Hits the Beach with Killer Wave Surf Show Chasing Monsters


Insight TV, the world’s leading UHD 4K broadcaster and producer of native UHD content, has announced the release date of its new death-defying surf show, Chasing Monsters. The unique 10-part series, produced by The Go Big Project will launch in September 2018, on Insight TV channels and Insight.TV.

Chasing Monsters provides an exclusive look into the lives of big wave surfers as they pursue the storms of the El Nino season. From the stunning shores of Oahu in Hawaii to the harsh conditions at Mavericks in California, these passionate surfers chase their ultimate goal, surfing big waves whilst navigating their personal lives. The show features a number of big names including surf legends Albee Layer, Ben Wilkinson, Keali’I Mamala, Niccoló and Francisco Porcella, Trevor Carlson, Will and Cliff Skudin, Aaron Gold and many more, as well as up-and-coming talent Brad Domke, a sponsored professional skim boarder. It documents their journeys as they push the limits of human spirit, whilst getting caught up in a complicated web of storm forecasts, surf reports and travel chaos.

While pursuing their high-stake dreams, the surfers must also face the harsh realities of terrifying wipeouts, devastating injuries, and the ever-persistent threat of drowning. Although safety crews are always present, these members of the big wave brotherhood are constantly looking out for their own, keeping track of every surfer to make sure that they reach the surface.

Backed by the voices of various experts within the field, Chasing Monsters dives into the technicalities of how major storms and monster waves are created. The intricacies of swells and breaks are explored, showing the exact conditions that storms must fulfill to create these huge waves. Additionally, each location presents its own set of dangers: razor sharp reefs, underwater caves, and sharks are just a few of the prominent threats that add to the extreme danger.

“These guys face life and death decisions every day, they’re chasing monster waves ultimately risking their lives for the thrill of the surf,” says Frank le Mair, Executive Producer at Insight TV. “With this new show we wanted to get under their skin to find out what makes them tick and why they love the thrill of this deadly chase.”

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