Insight TV Launches Global Show Street Art Challenge

Insight TV, the world’s leading 4K UHD HDR broadcaster and producer of native UHD content, is launching its new show, Street Art Challenge. The eight-episode series will highlight the incredible talents of global visual artists who create captivating and often provocative images on metropolitan backdrops in towns and cities, in countries around the world. The show, which was produced by Strix Television, will premiere on 16th October on Insight TV and Insight.TV.

As well as showcasing immense talent, each episode of Street Art Challenge provides a platform for artists from different cities to partner for a unique task: they must blend their styles and perspectives into a new one-off street art work for a specific client. Will their skills mix? Will they be able to agree on social and cultural stances? And most importantly, will the client be happy with the end result? The show will take the viewer on an artistic journey with each episode taking place in a different country including: Ibiza, Hong Kong, Russia, Greece, India, Holland, Portugal and the UK.

At the beginning of each show, the client introduces the artists to their canvas. In episode one we see famous British street art duo The London Police, famous for their iconic black and white characters, team up with New York-based touring street artist ELLE, one of the hottest female talents on the scene. They meet in Sa Penya in Ibiza Town to greet their client Salim, who challenges them to create a tribute to this magical island highlighting its original inhabitants before the party scene evolved. In every episode the canvas and its location are key to the story. After 48 hours the artists, the client, their family and friends gather together for the big reveal. Will the client be happy?

Other iconic artists featured in the show include: British street artist Dan Kitchener who teams up with Maori descendant Charles Williams; UK’s superstar Sickboy who joins South America’s most wanted street artist Zosen Bandido; California’s Christina Angelina who partners graffiti virtuoso Abstrk; Mexican graphic designer Ricardo Gonzalez who works with India’s most sought after graffiti artist, The Bearded Wizard aka Ullas Hydoor; London based British Ghanaian artist Neequaye Dreph Dsane who pairs Portugal’s most talented street artist: Nuno Viegas; Japan-based American contemporary artist Daas who links up with Belgium’s Best, Bart Smeets; and living street art legend Hugo Kaagman who pairs up with French street art extravaganza, Artiste Ouvrier.

“This visually stunning show highlights the talent, passion and pride that goes into creating these incredible artworks, which can be enjoyed by the public, free-of-charge every time they pass by,” says Arun Maljaars, Director Content & Channels at Insight TV. “As well as challenging artistic styles and temperaments it also challenges the social statements that these artists want to make because they have to merge their ideals to create a single piece of art that fits the brief and pleases the client. Whether you’re a traditional art lover, a street art lover or an interested by stander you’ll appreciate the creative tension and process that goes into every show.”

Street Art Challenge Trailer.

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