Insight TV Launches Third Series of Power &… on 1st June with Power &…Martial Arts

Insight TV, the world’s leading 4K UHD HDR/ broadcaster and producer of native UHD content, is launching the third series of Power & … – its multi-episode and topical documentary-style series that focuses on normal people with extraordinary lives.

Power &…Martial Arts is an initial eight-episode series – with further episodes to follow later this year – that delves into the lives of everyday people with extraordinary stories. The show, which follows on from the popular first two series Power &…Extreme Athletes and Power &…Tech, centres on martial artists and documents the victories, defeats and struggles of these incredible individuals. The show was produced by KIEM and is available on Insight TV’s UHD and SVOD channels beginning 1st June.

Power &…Martial Arts places the spotlight on people with a unique talent in martial arts. The series explores their stories, their journey and the struggles, victories and defeats they have faced to get where they are. Throughout each episode, audiences will see what it takes to go from zero to hero across eight episodes. The short documentaries take viewers on an adventure across the globe, showcasing the dedication, training, focus and drive it takes to become a real-life superhero.

Power &…Martial Arts explores the many different forms of martial arts such as Shaolin, MMA, Kung Fu, Krav Maga and Taekwondo – examining the ancient techniques, traditions and systems that comes with each art, alongside the cultures that produced them. Shot in a typical documentary style, Power &…Martial Arts allows for viewers to get into the fighter’s head and see why that particular martial art matches their personality and what impact it has had on their life.

The new series introduces viewers to a variety of fighting professionals such as a Dutch kickboxing champion Denise Kielholtz who battles sexism; New York boxer Tear Coleman as he tests the legendary 52 Blocks technique in the ring and Kirby Koo, Shaolin Master, as he talks Zen and the art of the one-inch punch.

It will also look at the defence form Kapap, used by the Israeli special forces and Israel police and delve into the story of German fighter, Nick Hein, who recently signed with the UFC, and his drive to become the ultimate MMA world champion.

Frank le Mair, Executive Producer at Insight TV says, “We are delighted to showcase the third series of Power &… on Insight TV. We pride ourselves on taking our viewers on an adventure and feel this series does just that by following the journey of worlds most talented and extraordinary fighters.”

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