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INSIGHT TV Showcases New Commission of Gritty Urban 4K UHD HDR Series Street Art Challenge at MIPCOM 2017



INSIGHT TV, the world’s largest UHD broadcaster and producer of native UHD HDR content covering action sports, entertainment, and lifestyle, has commissioned Dutch television production company Strix Television to produce its new urban series Street Art Challenge. The new 4K UHD show will broadcast on INSIGHT TV’s SVOD service and on platforms including: Vodafone Portugal, and Spain, Layer 3 USA, SKB South Korea, Deutsche Telekom, Swisscom and Tricolor.

In towns and cities around the world we’re surrounded by incredible street art, in the subway, in advertisements and even in museums. Street art is everywhere and street artists are the modern-day Rembrandt’s, Van Gogh’s and Picasso’s. They encapsulate life in beautiful, striking, mesmerizing and thought-provoking works of art on view for free, for all the world to see.

In Street Art Challenge, INSIGHT TV brings two street artists from different cities together for a unique task: they must blend their styles and perspectives into a new one-off work of street art for a specific client. To succeed they must overcome their own prejudices and aesthetics and blend two distinct styles together. Can the different cultures and artistic views combine to create a master piece of street art? Or will clashing egos prove too much to handle?

At the start of each show the client introduces the two talented artists to their street canvas and plays an important role in each episode. They are the driving force for the street artist to do their absolute best and push their creative limits. Over the course of the series the show covers a range of canvasses that are sure to make a big impression. Sometimes the canvas belongs to the client, sometimes they must get permission from the local government, but the canvas and its location are key to the story.

At the climax of each show the final artwork is revealed to the client, his/her family and friends and other people involved. Will they be impressed with what the artists have created in such a short amount of time? And will the client be happy with their commission?

As well as Street Art Challenge, Strix Television created and produced Dracula: Escape the Castle and Living Stone for INSIGHT TV. Roy Aalderink, CEO of Strix Television says, “We are pleased to be working with INSIGHT TV again on a new show with a completely different concept that takes the viewer on a voyage of creative discovery showcasing new artistic talent. The competitive nature of the show and the urban environment will appeal to all viewers, not just those with an artistic flair.”


INSIGHT TV is the world’s largest producer and broadcaster of unscripted 4K UHD HDR content. Programmes include long form, high-quality 4K UHD series based on global trending topics and feature popular social influencers and incredible individuals who challenge themselves in various sporting and competitive environments.



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