With over 5.5 million YouTube subscribers and 4 million Instagram followers the F2 Freestylers head to INSIGHT TV for ultimate adventure 4K UHD football road trip

INSIGHT TV, the world’s largest producer and broadcaster of adventure travel and extreme sports genres in true, unscripted 4K UHD, has commissioned a major new football reality show Lost in Europe, starring global social influencers the F2 Freestylers. With over five and a half million YouTube subscribers (F2 Freestylers – Ultimate Soccer Skills Channel) and more than four million Instagram followers (thef2), the F2 Freestylers, made up of British football super stars Billy Wingrove and Jeremy Lynch, are huge social media celebrities. The show, which will launch in 4K UHD on INSIGHT TV in October 2017, is being produced by Renowned Films. INSIGHT TV’s aim is to combine global social influencers with quality broadcast television providing cool and creative new shows like Lost in Europe.

The new 10-part series sees the F2 Freestylers take on a major European road trip. They must leave their wallets back in the UK, putting themselves to the ultimate survival test with only their skills to live by in this new football format. In a world where money talks, how far will they get and how much will the public be prepared to offer them for the full F2 Freestyler experience so that they can pay their way across ten different European football capitals?

The show is based on the global football sticker book trading card craze. The F2 have to meet a local star, pull off a brand-new trick, see a stadium or iconic piece of memorabilia and try out three types of skills and tricks along the way. All this without spending a penny and armed only with a football, their talent and of course their charismatic personalities. In each episode, they’ll try to tick off each item in their sticker book to complete the album.
The clock is ticking they’ll have to pull out all the stops to get there in time.

With a free-wheeling edge of spontaneity, and no help from the producers their journey could literally take them anywhere. Will they end up high flying through the streets of Monaco, partying it up in the exclusive clubs of Paris, or will they be left hungry and on the streets? Exploring and experiencing the real cities, villages, towns, their cultures and people across Europe they’ll need to pull out all the stops (and stopovers) to survive.

“This is a really exciting new format that brings the YouTube generation to the TV screen,” explains Arun Maljaars, Content Strategy Director, INSIGHT TV. “Our shows give youngsters more access and greater insight into what their global social influencers are doing in their daily lives 24/7. We have found that the key to enticing Millennials and Generation-Z to the big screen is by making shows with content that they can relate to, featuring people from their online community but with content they can’t get online.”


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