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Insight TV Unveils Haunting New Commission Ghost Chasers: Exploring the Other Side


Insight TV, the world’s leading 4K UHD HDR broadcaster, content creator and format seller, has announced the commission of a new adventure series Ghost Chasers: Exploring the Other Side, launching early 2020, co-produced by NewBe.

Ghost Chasers: Exploring the Other Side will follow the adventures of famed urban explorers and YouTube stars Josh and Cody, as they travel to extraordinary abandoned locations around the globe. Joined by professional ghost hunters and armed with specialist equipment they will search for strange otherworldly energies and uncover haunting stories of paranormal activity.

The series will take Josh and Cody to some of the most haunted abandoned places they have come across during their most recent urban adventures, from the execution rooms of former prisons to the faded grandeur of a deserted French chateau where they will communicate with spirits through a Ouija board. Exploring the rich history of a forgotten past, Josh and Cody will reveal the secrets of each location and discover that they may not be as abandoned as they first appear.

The commission of Ghost Chasers: Exploring the Other Side follows the success of Insight TV’s adventure series Epic Exploring which went to air in October 2019, also starring Josh and Cody, who have a combined social following of over 4.1m subscribers. Ghost Chasers: Exploring the Other Side further showcases Insight TV’s commitment to working closely with global influencers and bringing relevant and unique content to a millennial audience. Ghost Chasers: Exploring the Other Side is the second in Insight TV’s successful Ghost Chasers series, co-produced by Brightspark Productions.

Frank le Mair, Executive Producer at Insight TV says: “Ghost Chasers: Exploring the Other Side elevates urban exploring to a new, exciting dimension, as Josh and Cody embark on an epic adventure to communicate with the ‘other side’. Both Josh and Cody started their ghost adventure with skepticism but were converted by the end as they encountered unusual experiences. The series offers viewers the chance explore the world’s most interesting abandoned locations and demonstrates Insight TV’s commitment to ambitious storytelling and the creation of innovative adventure content.”

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