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Insight TV Unveils Launch Date for Provocative New Show Travel with a Goat



Two foodies, one animal, one tough choice: freedom or feast – what would you do?

Insight TV, the world’s leading 4K UHD HDR broadcaster and producer of native UHD content, has announced that its provocative new show, Travel with a Goat will launch on 14 January 2019.

The 5 x 44-minute show, which will broadcast on both Insight TV UHD and HD and Insight.tv, will see two international foodies from two different countries, meet for the first time and travel across country. The catch – these foodies have to travel with an animal that is destined for the slaughterhouse. After a four-day journey they have to make the decision on whether the animal will be killed, or if they will let it live.

Global foodies tasked with this decision include; Sophie Faldo (The Great British Bake Off); Abraham Bandera Baez (Senior Cheeto); Alla Driksne (Alla’s Yummy Food); Niels Oosthoek (Gierige Gasten); Stefan Gates (The Gastronaut); Julie Nolke (Feeling Peckish); and Natalie Mortimer (The Modern Proper) to name a few.

Each episode sees these foodies travel through stunning locations in Italy, Bulgaria, Peru, Thailand and Kenya with a different animal in tow, including a goat, an alpaca, a sheep, a donkey and a pig. By placing these foodies in close contact with animals that are destined to be slaughtered, and by handing them the ultimate power to intervene or prevent the animal’s death, Insight TV has created a platform on which the circumstances of the animal’s fate (both from the perspective of local culture versus the global meat industry, and also on an individual, emotional level) can be explored.

Insight TV’s philosophy shines through in Travel with a Goat: authentic content creation based around thought-provoking characters, highlighting topical issues and experiences that are important to younger generations globally. This new show, based on a topic that has been trending for some time now, does not aim to endorse a particular perspective on the ethics of consuming meat but tries to reconnect individuals to the practical process and moral decisions that are implicit in the decision to consume it.

“This is a very provocative subject,” says Arun Maljaars, Director of Content and Channels, Insight TV. “Consumers in countries around the world go to the supermarket every day and buy meat for consumption but do they consider where that meat has come from and how it was killed? Would you choose a steak from the menu if the cow was led to the dinner table? This sounds like an extreme example, but the process is the same.

Travel with a Goat will make meat eaters everywhere think about where their food comes from and the process prior to meat being served up on the plate.”

What would you do?



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