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Job Opening: Instagram Photographer


Position: Instagram Photographer
Company: Hessenn Group
Location: Dallas TX US

Hi everyone, we are looking for some part-time Instagram photographers to complete our product shooting tasks.

  • You must be a frequently traveler with very good aesthetic perception.
  • You also need to have at least 3-year experience of photography and Photoshop (or similar softwares).
  • Experience and proficiency of Instagram is required.
  • Recent graduates are welcome
  • However, it’s not just put the product out there and hit the shutter. You need to think and try your best to make it unique and beautiful. The settings should be grand and magnificent or very sophisticated. (e.g. unique modern buildings, nature landscape, daily life and etc.)
  • Photo samples link should be included in your resume

This is a paid position. We will discuss in detail about job descriptions and requirements.

Thank you,

Evan Chee

Job Type: Part-time

Salary: $120.00 to $160.00 /day


  • Photography: 3 years


  • Bachelor’s


  • Dallas, TX

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