InSync FrameFormer standards converter available on Imagine Communications’ Zenium™ software framework

Petersfield, UK, 3 October 2016

InSync Technology Ltd, a leading supplier of standards conversion technology, announced today the availability of the FrameFormer motion compensated frame rate and format converter optional plug-in for software-defined solutions from Imagine Communications. InSync’s high-quality, CPU-only standards conversion capabilities are now available to workflow designers using Zenium™-powered products from Imagine Communications.

Adding TV programs from other countries into a broadcast schedule – live breaking news, international sporting events, entertainment and cultural programming – nearly always requires frame rate and format conversion due to the huge differences in TV standards around the world. Similarly, transfer of movies to formats suitable for TV audiences inherently requires both format and frame rate conversion, in any region.

FrameFormer from InSync Technology is a motion compensated standards converter which offers very high quality frame rate conversion targeting CPU-only deployment. The FrameFormer solution can be flexibly deployed on any chosen platform, including cloud and VM, without the requirement for a GPU. The FrameFormer plug-in for Zenium™ enables broadcasters to simply and easily add a frame rate conversion step into their media management workflow, which allows their system to automatically convert incoming media into their house standard.

“InSync Technology has a 13 year history of design and development of motion compensated standards converters”, said Paola Hobson, Managing Director of InSync Technology. “We’ve developed sophisticated proprietary processing which provides excellent quality frame rate conversion for a wide range of material. We’re delighted to be able to offer this functionality to Zenium™ users”.

Imagine’s SelenioFlex™ File media processing solution, powered by Zenium™, allows users to rapidly create custom workflows, using intuitive graphical tools. “A huge advantage of Zenium™ is the range of plug-ins and options we offer to enable users to pick and choose exactly the functionality that they want”, said Darren Gallipeau, director of Zenium Technology, Imagine Communications. “The optional FrameFormer standards conversion plug-in from InSync complements the rich array of processing components already available”.


InSync Technology Ltd, Petersfield, UK, is an Employee-Owned business, with a 13 year history of providing product design and manufacturing services to broadcast and related markets. Hardware and software products are available both directly from InSync and via partners.

Contact: Paola Hobson, +44 1730 264555

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