Integrated Microwave Technologies’ (IMT) Latest ENG Transmitter Platform, VT8, Comes in Loud and Clear at NAB 2015

LAS VEGAS – Integrated Microwave Technologies (IMT), a leader in advanced digital microwave systems serving the Broadcast, Sports & Entertainment and MAG (Military, Aerospace & Government) markets, demonstrates its Nucomm VT8 HD/SD ENG Van Transmitter, a new, innovative ENG/SNG/OB platform capable of utilizing multiple communication conduits including microwave, IP satellite, private and public cellular networks, at NAB 2015 (Booth N3922).

The Nucomm VT8 is a third-generation, high-power ENG/SNG vehicle transmitter that incorporates all the best aspects of the popular legacy VT2 and VT7 models with a host of exciting new features. It is a two-box solution comprising a 1RU control unit and an RF head. The control unit is modular in design, and can be configured for nearly any demanding ENG transmitter application.

The VT8 platform extends the simpleIMT - Nucomm VT8-to use-predecessor, VT7, to include features found in its Messenger file transfer IP gateway, ProQ IFB product. Additionally it supports multiple IP connectivity options including IP, satellite and bonded cellular.

“The VT8’s modular design and reliability, combined with its radically different user-friendly interface, make this latest van transmitter the best choice for broadcast HD ENG applications,” says John Payne IV, CTO, Integrated Microwave Technologies. “Its expansive features and usability set it apart from any other transmitter on the market today.”

The VT8’s modular design makes it easy for users to configure each unit to their specific needs. The four module slots located on the rear panel of the unit are designed to slide the modules in and out of the control unit easily. The modules include one encoder, various modulators or a Pro-Q IFB card. A second encoder is optional.

The control unit features dual high-resolution LCD displays for all system functions, including one for status, alarms and video, and the other for control functions. The front panel also features “Quick Keys,” allowing for fast access to important features without the need to navigate through menus. The “Quick Keys” include antenna-polarization selection, channel selection, power selection and more. An integrated live video monitor is used for confidence monitoring. Additionally, the VT8 is equipped with an HDMI multi viewer output, which is used to extend monitoring of the VT8.
Single-band operation is available in 2-, 7- or 13-GHz bands. Dual- and tri-band models utilizing a single RF head are also available. Other frequency bands are available from 1.5 – 15.4 GHz.

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Integrated Microwave Technologies (IMT) is a leader in advanced digital microwave systems and a provider of engineering, integration, installation and commissioning services serving the Broadcast, Sports & Entertainment and MAG (Military, Aerospace & Government) markets. The company comprises the leading microwave brands Nucomm, RF Central and IMT, offering customers worldwide complete video broadcast solutions. Nucomm is a premium brand of digital microwave video systems (including COFDM, VSB, MPEG2, H.264 and HEVC) for portable and fixed link applications. IMT is a trusted provider of mission-critical wireless video solutions to state and local police departments, NASA and the Department of Homeland Security.
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