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End-to-End Quality Control and Monitoring Solutions for Media Everywhere

The media industry is undergoing rapid transformation, with OTT video services revenue expected to reach $24.41 billion by 2022 in the Asia-Pacific region, according to Research and Markets.

New standards, formats, device types, and changing video production and delivery approaches make video streaming workflows significantly more complex than traditional broadcast. Without an end-to-end quality control (QC) and monitoring solution, service providers in the region are challenged to deliver high-quality live and video-on-demand streams.

At CCBN 2018, Interra Systems will showcase its comprehensive approach to QC and monitoring, which ensures the delivery of flawless video on every device, in the most efficient and cost-effective manner possible. New features on display include exhaustive QC checks, adaptive bit rate (ABR) stream validation, real-time quality of experience (QoE) measurements, live content monitoring, and deep-dive compressed stream analysis.

BATON® — Next-Generation Hybrid Solution Beyond Automated QC
At CCBN, Interra Systems will showcase robust QC capabilities for its industry-leading BATON® QC solution, powered by smart workflow tools that go beyond standard automated QC systems to provide comprehensive quality checks and verification efficiency in a flexible environment.
With BATON, video service providers can deliver high-quality audio and video. The QC solution accurately detects and corrects loudness issues, checks for the presence of multilanguage subtitles and closed captions, and offers audio language identification and PSE correction, among other features.

The latest version of BATON leverages Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning-based advanced algorithms, the industry’s first support for the VAST protocol, hybrid QC workflows, as well as enhanced support for HDR content, audio language detection capabilities, and more.

BATON supports a wide range of new codecs and formats including IMF App2 Extended, iTunes® Subtitle, CineCanvas Subtitles, Kodak Cineon, and multiple DRM systems to ensure superior quality on every screen.

During CCBN 2018, Interra Systems will also demonstrate its BATON+ QC and analysis solution, which optimizes the QC process by allowing users to define workflows representing the stages through which media content flows in a facility. New data analysis features for BATON+ allow users to track effectively trends and anomalies in the media content, optimizing decision-making and QC operations.

ORION™-OTT Content and Real-time Monitors
The industry’s first software-based OTT solution for real-time monitoring of ABR content, the award-winning ORION™-OTT is a high performance, scalable product allowing users to verify ABR videos for quality and compliance.

The latest version of ORION-OTT features an edge performance monitor (EPM) for true, end-to-end monitoring. The EPM integrates with third party device monitors to collect critical QoE parameters for proactive management of issues.

ORION-OTT also includes a new origin performance monitor for active and passive monitoring of origin servers, with the capability to monitor average response time and bandwidth served, server availability, and HTTP response codes. The ORION-OTT now offers wider support for ABR content and DRM-protected content and supports Adobe® HDS, Microsoft® Smooth Streaming, RTMP, and external XML subtitles. Other extended monitoring features and checks include Dolby® AC3/EAC3, HEVC, WebVTT, and TTML captions, audio alerts, manual recording, and more. Enterprise features include workflow-based monitoring for VOD/Live and centralized enterprise-wide monitoring with support for correlation of device level and upstream alerts.

In addition, Interra Systems will showcase its ORION™ real-time content monitoring and video analysis system. Created for IP-based delivery infrastructures, ORION provides users with a powerful yet economical monitoring platform that looks at all aspects of video streams such as QoS, QoE, closed captions, and ad-insertion verification. Multi-language EPG support enables service providers to deliver the best quality of service to viewers around the globe.

VEGA™ Media Analyzers
Interra Systems will demonstrate its VEGA™ media analysis solution for standards compliance, debug, and interoperability of encoded streams. Recent updates to the VEGA family include in-depth analysis of ABR formats, support for Windows® 10, the latest HEVC HM reference code, HEVC-interlaced streams, VP9 streams (4:2:2, 4:4:4), PCAP streams, Dolby® AC-4 audio, and AVS Plus video. A new addition to the VEGA platform, VEGA ABR software, provides in-depth analysis, debug, and troubleshoot of complex ABR streams. VEGA ABR is an indispensable tool to check quality and integrity of manifest files and variants.
Company Overview:

Interra Systems is a global leader in providing quality control (QC), monitoring, and analysis solutions for the digital media industry. The company’s products include BATON®, a next-generation hybrid QC solution for file-based workflow that ensures high-quality content at every stage; ORION™ and ORION™-OTT real-time content monitors for linear and streaming workflows; and VEGA™ media analyzers for compliance, debugging, and troubleshooting of encoded streams.

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