Interview with Katrina Diamond, Director of Marketing, ProductionHUB by Pamela Kleibrink Thompson, Recruiter/Creative Career Coach and Broadcast Beat Writer

Katrina Diamond, Director of Marketing, ProductionHUB, interview with Pamela Kleibrink Thompson, Career Navigator


Katrina Diamond, Director of Marketing for ProductionHUB shared some ideas about how to use ProductionHUB and visiting  NAB with Pamela Kleibrink Thompson, Career Navigator and writer for Broadcast Beat.

ProductionHUB is an online marketplace that connects businesses with professional content creators to make their projects come to life from production companies, post houses, and equipment vendors to crew, freelancers & everything in between.

BB: What advice do you have for someone who has never been to the NAB Show before?

KD: Don’t go in blind. Have a clear, results-driven strategy with planned meetings, interviews and know the locations of all your sessions. Most people’s calendars fill up months in advance, so don’t let the opportunity slip by because you waited too long to set up your appointments!

Also, if you are shopping for new gear, know all the vendor locations and plan a succinct route to visit each booth. The convention center is not only huge, but separated into many different halls. So know what you want to learn about and know where they are in advance…booth locations usually printed 3 months before the show starts.

BB. What is the most significant trend in your industry this year?

KD: 4K & Beyond, creating content for mobile first – not the second screen but the primary screen – and finally, the complete and utter lack of 3D. (Which was all anyone could talk about the last few years.)

BB: Why do you attend the NAB Show?

KD: Brand awareness, customer / advertiser appreciation meet & greets, editorial coverage and partnership coordination. We always have something specific brewing; this year, we held the inaugural Awards of Excellence where we selected 12 esteemed companies who demonstrated innovation in their sector.

BB: Where is the best place to meet people at NAB?

KD: At the ProductionHUB Booth Happy Hour of course, of course! 😉

NAB has many co-located events with invaluable networking opportunities from the Women’s Room at NAB (by Alliance of Women in Media) to the Entertainment Executives Reception and the FCPUG SUPERMEET, you can’t go wrong. Even simply waiting in line for a coffee on the show floor can be good casual networking.

BB:. What is the don’t miss event, session or gathering or aspect of NAB for you ?

KD: While our specific goals vary year to year, we always make sure to partner with NABEF’s Career Day, which directly aligns with our mission to keep the industry busy with work! We’ll always have an exhibit there to update the jobseekers and employers on our latest features to snag jobs from freelance to full-time – so come say hi.

BB: What do you like most about the NAB Show?

KD: Customers sharing success stories at our booth and chatting up new potential clients is always awesome to experience. Hearing first-hand how many jobs our featured profiles got that week and having them excitedly share their experience with new show attendees is incredibly rewarding, and naturally, amplifies the success of the show for us.

BB: What else would you want readers of Broadcast Beat to know about you or your company?

KD:  Every day, thousands of production professionals of all levels gain new jobs, clients, and projects. ProductionHUB has grown to become the world’s largest and most active production community search site, attracting more than 6 million searches annually.

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Katrina Diamond
Director of Marketing
T: 877.629.4122

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