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Introducing Chameleon – One Source, Everywhere – by Bannister Lake


CAMBRIDGE, ON.  Chameleon, an adaptable media graphics solution for NDI, SDI and Digital online applications contains the company’s best branding and ticker elements that media organizations expect in an increasingly “on-demand” broadcast environment.

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Chameleon: Moving in the Right Direction 

“We moved in a direction where both products worked well together and with graphics, Brando and Super Ticker could co-exist on the same CG and users could log onto both simultaneously, even with the same credentials, using LDAP or Google.” – George Hentsch, President, Bannister Lake Software

 A push to build an HTML5 renderer for web-based, signage and inexpensive media solutions. Bannister Lake’s Chameleon effort quickly morphed into an SDK, giving customers support for any CG to be plugged into the architecture and that  early success developed into expanded support from HTML5 rendering to supporting Ross Video’s XPression, NewTek’s NDI.  Also in the works is a soon to be released  SDI support using the AJA SDK,  another launching pad of future collaborations with additional CG vendors and Bannister Lake.

Media businesses have the option to own an instance of Chameleon on a native server or access on the cloud.  Cloud offers flexible and dynamic access to multiple terminals so there is no need for executable files.  Multiple readers, modules and ranges in services to help small, medium and large media organizations is proof of its adaptability. The software is a cross-platform source for media, signage, digital and web solution; Chameleon NDI for data only solutions to Chameleon Cloud and Pro that push data plus digital and video output.

Chameleon: Endless Possibilities

“A ticker zone shows programming info right in the rundown but it could display weather, scores and what’s on next on the current channel or for all channels in the station group; all as part of a simple or a complex rundown. On the branding side, a bug could show weather information for a city or a playlist of cities or sponsored snipes that show scores of  major teams in your city and the possibilities are endless.”

– Georg Hentsch, President, Bannister Lake Software

During the NAB show book with Danny or D’Arcy or any of our sales reps at the booths (C6046, SL5421 ,N3706)  or visit bannisterlake.com/NAB2017 to book an appointment to view Chameleon.

About Bannister Lake Inc.

Bannister Lake is a leading provider of professional video graphic display solutions for broadcast television, cable, satellite, audio/visual and information presentation applications worldwide. Our solutions integrate seamlessly with your existing infrastructure while automating the integration and display of external data sources, improving the productivity of your organization. Visit us online at www.bannisterlake.com

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