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Introducing the Frame.io Developer Platform and Zapier Integration


The Frame.io API is now publicly available. Build a video workflow customized to your needs, plug into an existing integration, or connect Frame.io to more than 1,300 apps through our integration with Zapier.


APRIL 8, 2019 – Las Vegas, NV – Frame.io, the world’s leading video review and collaboration platform used by over 700K filmmakers and media professionals, is making its API publicly available to everyone, starting today. Now, teams can further streamline their video workflow to fit their exact needs.


Watch now: The Frame.io Developer Platform


“This NAB, we’re rolling out our biggest updates yet, and we’re starting with making our API public. Now, our users can further streamline their video workflow to fit their exact needs,” says Emery Wells, co-founder and CEO of Frame.io. “Develop an integration, plug into an existing one built by one of our launch partners, or instantly connect Frame.io to over 1,300 apps with Zapier. And this is just the start. For those at NAB, be sure to stop by our first-ever dedicated Frame.io booth to learn more about the Frame.io Developer Platform and hear about additional announcements we have in store.”


No matter one’s video needs, from uploading content to tracking projects, or even publishing video, the Frame.io Developer Platform and API can help automate and simplify video workflows. And because security is paramount to Frame.io, the Frame.io Developer Platform is backed by the same industry-leading standards as the rest of the product.


Create your ideal video workflow, with Frame.io at the center

The Frame.io Developer Platform is a powerful workbench for professional video that enables video teams, no matter the size, to extend the value they get from Frame.io. Start by planning your ideal workflow—plan it out, pick the tools, spot the gaps and use the Frame.io API to enhance it. Users with coding knowledge can build custom use cases to enhance their existing workflows.


New partner integrations ready to go – and more on the way!

Plug in directly with an existing integration built by one of Frame.io’s launch partners. Using the same tools available to everyone, these integrations were built to help organizations expedite offloading, dailies workflows, cloud editing, and more:

  • Kyno: Screen, select, log and reduce footage on location and submit to Frame.io as dailies – with metadata and automated transcoding incorporated – for remote collaborator editing and review.
  • Silverstack Lab: Get your dailies in faster using Silverstack Lab and Frame.io’s Watch Folders app. Drop markers and comments into Frame.io directly from the set, and add links from Frame.io assets to Silverstack Lab’s local clip library and PDF reports.
  • ShotPut Pro: Move offloaded video, including RAW formats, from ShotPut Pro to Frame.io smoothly and automatically.
  • LumaFusion: Access your Frame.io projects in LumaFusion, view real-time frame-accurate comments in your edit, and take action on feedback – all without leaving the LumaFusion timeline.
  • GNARBOX: Use GNARBOX hardware and Frame.io to unlock on-the-go upload of camera files and compressed dailies for client feedback, faster than ever before.
  • Restream: Schedule videos in Frame.io to go live on multiple platforms simultaneously with Restream.


Not a developer? Get started instantly with Zapier.

For video teams who don’t have access to a developer, Zapier can be used to connect Frame.io to all the apps you already use like Trello, AirTable, and 1300+ others—with no code—in an instant. Setting up automated workflows between apps couldn’t be easier.


As a review and collaboration hub, Frame.io is uniquely positioned at the center of video workflows; and through the platform and API, video teams can rely on Frame.io as they scale. Start using the Frame.io API today, and reach out to the Frame.io platform team with any questions.


Watch now: What is Frame.io?


Meet with Frame.io and Attend the Partner Showcase at NAB 2019

For the first time ever, Frame.io has a dedicated booth in South Lower Hall (SL2426) at the 2019 NAB Show. Stop by for in-depth workshops by industry greats, learn what Frame.io API partners are building on our platform, and see a preview of Frame.io in DaVinci Resolve 16 Studio. The Frame.io Partner Showcase will feature presentations from all API integration partners, customers including BuzzFeed and Vice, and industry pros including Michael Cioni, Ryan Connolly and Stu Maschwitz.


See the full theater schedule or book a private meeting: events.frame.io/NAB2019/.


Schedule a Press Briefing with Frame.io at NAB 2019

Members of the registered press attending the 2019 NAB Show are invited to request a press briefing with a representative from Frame.io. To schedule a briefing, please contact Megan Linebarger at [email protected].


View the full press kit with imagery and videos here: on.frame.io/xJ74JvoV.



About Frame.io

Frame.io is your hub for all things video. The leader in video review and collaboration, Frame.io is where video professionals across the entire spectrum—from freelance to enterprise—come to review, approve and deliver video. Frame.io is all about what happens before distribution. Before you reach the finish line. We make getting there faster, smoother and more efficient with a single platform that works seamlessly across web and mobile.


Frame.io is backed by industry heavyweights including FirstMark Capital, Accel Partners and Jared Leto. To learn more please visit frame.io.


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