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Introducing Tiffen Warm Diffusion Filters



Tiffen Warm Diffusion Group with box

Better Defining the Range of Complexions

Hauppauge, NY- October 5, 2021 – Renowned filter manufacturer, The Tiffen Company, adds a new line of problem-solvers to their vast array of front-of-the-lens optical filters. Tiffen’s Warm Diffusion family premiers three distinctive innovations—all aimed at giving new cinematic looks to today’s diverse array of complexions, dark to light—in camera. Each filter in the series offers the benefits of Tiffen Filter’s effective yet natural-looking diffusion while adding a warm overtone.

Antique Satin

Warm Diffusion filters create a soft warm glow and smooth out fine details in the skin, while maintaining definition—yet each series has it own visual personality.

The Antique Satin lineup smooths fine details like pores on the skin while maintaining overall sharpness, without reducing contrast. It prevents highlights from blowing out and shadows from loosing detail or becoming overly cool and muddy looking—all while adding an overall warm glow. Ideal for dark complexions while adding life to pale skin, Antique Satin allows for a complete array of tones and full dynamic range.

Antique Pearlescent filters offer the same unique skin-tone enhancements while creating a soft, pleasing atmospheric glow, along with a mild desaturation of colors and gentle creamy halation. This makes them optimum for period pieces or to create the look of a warm summer afternoon. Their range of grades can take the viewer from mild nostalgia to Monet-like impressionism.

Antique Pearlescent

Along with warm skin-tone enhancement, Antique Black Pearlescents use a Black Pearlescent component to maintain deep blacks and richer light tones while preserving shadow detail, especially in the face. The result is a beautiful romantic softness without excessive halation or loss of contrast.

Francis Kenny, ASC, who inspired the Warm Diffusions while working on set in Atlanta says: “They have a romantic feeling without losing clarity—giving practicals and specular highlights a slight halation. They smooth out complexions and enhance mid-tones, while maintaining rich blacks.”

Like the rest of Tiffen’s Emmy® & Academy Award®-winning filters, the Warm Diffusion’s are crafted in the USA with Water White glass. To promote a long life, only Tiffen filters are manufactured using the exclusive Colorcore® Process that laminates the filter substrate between two pieces of optical glass, then grinds and polishes them to a precise tolerance of 1/10,000th of an inch flatness.

Antique Black Pearlescent

Each filter comes in standard sizes (4×4, 6.6×6.6, 4×5.65, 138mm) with a choice of 1/8, ¼, ½, 1, or 2, densities. Special sizes and strengths including 3 and 4 are available upon request.

Tiffen’s Warm Diffusion filters are scheduled to deliver in October 2021 with a list price of $335 for the 4×4, $540 for the 4×5.65, and $699 for the 6.6×6.6. To view the Warm Diffusion filter test, and get more details visit: tiffen.com/pages/warm-diffusion-filters

Tiffen Warm Diffusion Group with box

About The Tiffen Company

For over 80 years, Tiffen has been helping those in the consumer/professional photography and motion picture and broadcast television industries to create the world’s greatest imagery by championing innovative technology. A leading manufacturer of imaging accessories, Tiffen divisions include: Tiffen Filters—optical photographic filters and lens accessories; Steadicam—camera stabilizing systems; Lowel—location lighting equipment; Domke—camera bags and Zing camera covers; Davis & Sanford— tripods and support systems; and Stroboframe flash brackets.

For more information about Tiffen brands, please visit www.tiffen.com


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