Introducing the Next Level of Portable Waveforms: The New Tektronix WFM2300

The all new Tektronix WFM2300 portable waveform monitor is packed with features and is ready to be showcased at NAB2014! This unit is the only portable waveform monitor with cable margin test capabilities, which provides the user with a reliable tool in minimizing cable transmission error rates for under $10,000.00! The product highlights include all new eye and jitter display, the capability to troubleshoot the physical layer in the field, operation center, and in studio environments! Love the Optical SDI input and output option, which supports SD, HD, and 3G (Option 3G). The SDI A input supports SD/HD/3G-SDI, AES/EBU digital audio, composite black burst or tri-level sync reference signals and optical SDI (Note: Option SFP is necessary) making the Tektronix WFM2300- a one-tool solution for troubleshooting issues! More information on the optical SDI Interface (Option SFP), which is supported with a transceiver SFP module: The transceiver module provides both the input and output which can be used simultaneously! Also, when configured, the unit provides for an output loop or test signal output. The SFP provides the display information of the module model name, mode, temperature and status information for the SFP.

Another notable highlight is the patented Tektronix gamut display- the Diamond, Split Diamond, and Arrowhead display options are ideal for visualizing RGB or Composite Gamut compliance.  These displays offer user-select options for the gamut thresholds, so the user can set their monitoring limits that suites the specific operation and also features a present for EBU-R103. This is all integrated with Tektronix alarm logging and reporting capabilities of the WFM2300!

The digital filtering and oversampling of the WFM2300 is of very high quality, and ensures precise, reliable, and repeatable audio measurements. A 16-channel embedded digital audio monitoring feature provides for easy compliance confirmation without the need for an additional piece of equipment! Love the Surround Sound display which gives the user a graphical representation of each channels interaction from the signal. The Option DBE, provides for the Dolby Status and gives in-depth views of the selected VANC metadata, Dolby E Guard Band Timing and synchronization. The peak level data in the Dolby metadata is displayed as a bar graph for quick visuals for the presence of the signal! Simultaneous CEA708/608 Closed Caption monitoring and OP47 subtitle monitoring is another of the long list of key features that this extraordinary Tektronix product delivers!

For more information on the leading supplier of reliable Tektronix video test and measurement equipment, visit: ;Make sure to stop by Booth N5223 for a great product demonstration for not only the WFM2300 portable waveform monitor with eye/ jitter display and optical input, but also the revolutionary QCloud for QC of file-based media workflows operating in cloud platforms!

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