Is Your Brain Bored? National Geographic Channels International Will Fix That In 2014 With New Yearlong Programming And Marketing Campaign "Entertain Your Brain

(Washington D.C.–February 13, 2014) National Geographic Channels International (NGCI) has announced a new programming and marketing campaign that will “ENTERTAIN YOUR BRAIN” with a series of new and returning shows that spotlight the incredible workings of science and the human mind through mind-blowing experiments, viewer-driven brain teasers and man-on-the-street trials. The new “ENTERTAIN YOUR BRAIN” strand kicks off this February with the return of the Emmy®-nominated, global hit series “Brain Games,” with host and self-proclaimed “wonder junkie” Jason Silva guiding you through the twists and turns of your grey matter. “Brain Games” was the #1 rated series across all the National Geographic Channels worldwide in 2013.

ENTERTAIN YOUR BRAIN will also feature the brand new series None of the Above with British TV presenter and engineer Tim Shaw who challenges the people he meets – and the audience at home – to predict the outcomes of a series of experiments, from landing a helicopter on a single layer of eggs without cracking a shell to protecting a watch from hammer blows using custard. Acclaimed presenter Richard Hammond will host new series Science of Stupid , offering 14 nail-biting episodes that explain the physics, biology and engineering mistakes behind daring amateur stunts gone wrong. And, The Numbers Game where host and National Geographic Emerging Explorer Jake Porway reveals the surprising and fascinating statistical science at work behind every day topics including toughness, superstition, scepticism, lying and desirability, among others.

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