isovideo to showcase its Visually-Optimized HDR to SDR Tone-Mapping & SDR to HDR Conversion Solutions at SMPTE2016


Beaverton, Oregon – October 10, 2016 – At the SMPTE Annual Technology Conference and Exhibition 2016 in Hollywood, CA, isovideo will showcase its substantially improved, GPU accelerated automated HDR to SDR tone mapping, and its brand new on-the-fly superior quality SDR to HDR up-conversion solution. HDR to SDR tone mapping enables a vivid SDR+ viewing experience across all existing SDR display devices. SDR to HDR conversion works for all SDR sources, and without requiring input metadata, for a completely open HDR/SDR post-production and delivery ecosystem.

With these two new functions added, our Game-Changer Award winning Viarte clusters are able to offer unmatched quality and capabilities to help content owners, sports networks and service providers to efficiently bridge the world of SDR to HDR by achieving seamless conversion between any type of content, whether it is HDR/SDR, UHD/HD/SD, interlaced/progressive, HFR, WCG, SMPTE ST2084, HLG or rec709.

Key Advantages of Viarte HDR to SDR Tone Mapping and SDR to HDR Conversion:

  • Preserving creative intent by keeping maximum possible detail (including shadow detail), accurate color balance, and the overall brightness impression, while complying with rec709.
  • Immersive, vivid viewing experiences on all viewing devices, regardless of whether they are rec709, or brand new HDR TVs, and also irrespective of whether the original content is SDR or HDR, interlaced or progressive, etc.
  • On-the-fly automated HDR to SDR+ tone mapping and SDR to HDR up-conversion allows HDR live event broadcast and OTT streaming applications, with minimal additional capital expenditure for SDR+ broadcast distribution, or optimal SDR+/HDR distribution for OTT.
  • SDR to HDR conversion achieves enhanced sharpness and local contrast, as well as a substantial boost in specular highlights, while also preserving SDR creative intent. It also complements our HDR to SDR+ Tone Mapping without requiring additional metadata. This allows conversion to be used in a single stream, backwards-compatible SDR+/SDR completely open distribution system, and reduces the complexity of a possible silicon implementation in an HDR TV, or set-top box.

isovideo CTO Keith Slavin said: “HDR production can go main stream, if everyone can benefit from its promised visual impact, SDR+ from HDR camera capture and our advanced tone mapping help to make that promise a reality. Automated SDR to HDR up-conversion can help bring any type of SDR content to HDR displays, including live sources. Both can help propel fast HDR adoption”.

Highlights of SMPTE Exhibition Demonstration:

  • Tone mapping and inverse tone mapping using all the Stuttgart HDR professional test clips, and others.
  • Contrast-enhanced digital remastering of legacy content.
  • Live content conversion/tone mapping of attendee clips, please contact us for further information.

SMPTE Technical Paper Presentation:

Keith Slavin, CTO, will present a paper entitled “Distribution of HDR in a SDR World” on Tuesday, Oct. 25, from 2:45 PM to 3:15PM in Session: Color Management 2, in Salon 2, as part of the Conference program at SMPTE 2016.

For more information about isovideo, please visit isovideo, and follow us on Twitter and Youtube.

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isovideo is an innovative start-up company in the digital media technology and entertainment industry. We specialize in file/stream-based, GPU accelerated, server cluster development and services for superior quality HDR/HFR/WCG processing. Our latest award-winning Viarte offers unparalleled HDR to SDR tone-mapping, stunning SDR to HDR up-conversion, contrast-enhanced SD-to-HD or HD to UHD digital remastering, motion-compensated HDR/SDR noise reduction, standards conversion, FRC/retiming, accurate Gamma/PQ/HLG conversion, and highest quality HEVC encoding. isovideo also offers systems for realtime on-the-fly processing/transport of UHD/HDR lossless video.
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