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We’ve all heard that: “A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words,” but how about a picture designed to speak to us? Images that aren’t just a happy coincidence that fit what we are trying to convey? Can those images say more than a thousand words?

specialreport-stopNewsroom graphics, used to full effect, can help get the word out on any targeted subject to the audience in a way that mere narration simply cannot do. Different styles and sizes of type are used all the time on websites to draw a viewer’s attention deeper into the minutia of whatever that website is showcasing/presenting. So, too, can the proper word or icon/image help draw a viewer’s eye to the point where the presenter wants the focus of attention; charts and graphs are two types of graphics that can rapidly illustrate certain types of points when properly utilized. Graphic arts in the digital age can accomplish much more than before. Maintaining interest and focusing-attention graphics shape the news. One company that has focused quite a bit of its attention on newsroom graphics is Vizrt.

Newsroom graphics are a must when establishing or showcasing your brand. Using premade templates and layouts is one effective way to help brand your newscast; it lets your audience/consumers/customers know you are you. Vizrt utilizes the Graphics Plugin to help facilitate this process; your organization’s graphic artists choose the components and arrangements to build your look and specialized software preserves them, keeping them at the ready to facilitate a smooth workflow in the future. The Vizrt programming works with a wide variety of top of the line software, while the plugins help the users properly juggle all the 2D and 3D lettering, layouts, objects and clips, wielding them into a homogenous whole, at the same time allowing further adjustments in scaling, positioning, and length and speed of animation.

Virtual studios are one the myriad huge advantages we have with newsroom graphics in the digital age. It no longer matters what the actual layout of your studio is, compared to how it appears to look after post production of content is complete. It used to take a crew of workers to rearrange or build a studio, now it can be done by one graphic artist. The Viz Virtual Studio is a completely open and scalable solution set for your studio. The freedom an easily mutable environment provides a boon to artistic workflow. Simple drag and drop tools further the speed and smooth flow of work. Hardware is the body and software is the brain. Is perception reality? It is, for your content.

Election coverage is another big subject this time of year – what makes it possible? The right tools, pleasingly packaged in the right graphicstock-footage-special-report-news-title-blue-background representation for you newsroom. With today’s technology, we can now make this driving force in our society interactive. Vizrt has solutions and answers for this area of newsroom graphic inquiry, also. The big story being presented is who is going to end-up running the country, not the graphics themselves. The graphics for such serious subjects need just the right balance; they can’t be too plain and they can’t be too distracting. Graphics need the perfect balance between shoddy and gaudy to do this. This is ideally achieved by a graphic artist with just the right tools. The graphic artist helps build the environment for the journalists to showcase the election coverage in. Then, the interactive tools provided allow the presenter to really dig into the details with the audience. Vizrt’s template- based system helps the journalist craft the election news. Select candidates, monitor live data, build an election playlist, etc. The interactive graphic system is data-driven and allows the presenter total control over the content. Weaving the correct election coverage for your studio can also be aided by Vizrt’s Social TV Solution, which provides additional social media tracking, as well as editorial and production tools.

With the help of digital age technology, we can ever-pack more graphics into live broadcasts and still have a smooth workflow. Newsroom graphics help contain, guide, shape, focus, and showcase the news. By using graphics as a facilitator of the news, we can help keep sometimes complex subjects as clear for the audience as possible. Journalists and camera operators provide raw content, and graphic artists provide the ideal framework to present the story in; then, the journalist does the final polish and presents the finished work for the news consumers.

About Vizrt:

Vizrt provides real-time 3D graphics and asset management tools for the broadcast industry –from award-winning animations & maps to online publishing tools. Vizrt’s products are used by the world’s leading broadcasters and publishing houses, including: CNN, CBS, Fox, the BBC, BSkyB, ITN, ZDF, Star TV, Network 18, TV Today, CCTV, NHK, The Globe and Mail, Times Online, The Telegraph, and Welt Online. Furthermore, many world-class production houses and corporate institutions such as the Stock Exchanges in New York and London use Vizrt systems.

Vizrt is a public company traded on the Oslo Main List: VIZ, ISIN: IL0010838154. For further information please refer to


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