It’s a Wrap – CES 2015 Las Vegas

Ah Las Vegas… that oasis in the desert, a majestic jewel in an ocean of sand, brilliant neon over black velvet. About the only thing that could make it even more enticing would be a wondrous event like the 2015 Consumer Electronics Show!

Electric carAlas, that glorious festival drew to a close, but what a rich experience it was. It wasn’t only the media that got a taste of new and upcoming gadgetry, like the Igoo Smart Lamp – a lamp that can change color according to your mood and play music too or the Renovo Coupe – the cutting edge in the world of electric automobiles… or perhaps you might have caught a glimpse of The Vibe Band (VB10) – a stylish little device you can mount on your wrist to give you health information and help your connectivity to the outside world, as well as telling the time of day… The Scout5000 was another fun item – a smart collar for your pet to help keep track of them and communicate and train them remotely! Get streaming 720P video from your dog, with a night vision mode, even! Pella Windows and Doors announced a whole line of electric windows and doors to help automate the twenty-first century home.

More than a thousand score of new products appeared this week at the CES show. Heck, they had to do something with the over two million square feet set aside for the show, right? Even beyond the glorious new or improved doohickeys there was still plenty to draw-in those of us in the media and broadcast communities. The show just oozed networking potential with all the CEO’s parading around the show. Informative speeches, contests, and a mind boggling array of innovations helped showcase all the opportunities this grand event afforded.

Gadgetry for our beloved media was literally spilling out of this cornucopia of wonder. Our brightest star, this time around, seemed to be the 4K phenomena. The home media experience was another winner, as well. The show had a “Best of Innovation Award” contest.

The media-related winners included:

The home theatre speakers winner was the Phillips Fidelio B5. The Fidelio B5 is a wireless surround soundbar speaker for home theatre with a wireless sub-woofer and detachable wireless rear speakers.

The Video Displays winner was the Samsung UN105S9B. This 105 inch bendable (that’s right, bendable) screen can switch between flat and curvedoled 3 settings. It has a 21 to 9 aspect ratio. This SUHD TV has beautiful color and high contrast, a perfect centerpiece for your home theater experience.

The portable media players and accessories winner was Axxess Air 2. The Air 2 features a Bluetooth speaker that magnetically levitates (you heard me) over its base, it has a powerful acoustic sound.

In the eco-design and associable technologies category the winner was the Audioquest NightHawk. The NightHawk is a pair of wired headphones that are a technological and ecological leap forward.

The winner in the headphones division of the contest was Bragi’s The Dash. They can access audio media and more, these earplug-reminiscent wireless headphones.

The home audio-video components and accessories winner was Pioneer’s Elite SC-89. The Elite SC-89 allows the home user to decode and playback Dolby Atmos Technology and has class D3 amplification technology, as well as an acoustic calibration system.

The winner for high-performance home audio is the Estelon Extreme. The Extreme is Estelon’s flagship product; with its cutting-edge sculpted design

Estelon Extreme
Estelon Extreme

for the best possible acoustics this speaker almost seems to become part of the sound itself.

Gripix LowPro
Gripix LowPro

Contests and awards aren’t the be all and end all of usefulness, of course. A bunch of other nifty things for media content generators appeared, too. Like the GripixTM line of accessories for GoPro cameras. Customizable modular configurations maximize this products’ flexibility of use and helps secure it a place as a solution for filming in dynamic and rapidly changing scenarios.

Due to technological Darwinism, stupid TVs are now either all endangered or already extinct. New TV’s simply will not sell unless they are smart. LG remains steadfast in its assertion that it found a better way to do TV. To prove it they brought the latest example of their OLED TV to this year’s CES show. A problem that has plagued LG in the past with that technology is the lack of brightness produced by this organic system. LG now has an answer to this issue. Have no fear, HDR is here! High Dynamic Resolution has been used on this year’s prototype and it increased the brightness by 60%, while still maintaining its infinite contrast ratio. Like the competitor’s LGs, OLED TVs with HDR will also have the option of a flat, curved, or flexible screen. Yes sir, the TVs just keep getting better.

Sony, as you might expect, had a wonderful product to showcase. The SLIM 4KTV – it’s only a 5th of an inch thick! It comes with a low profile mount, too. Sixteen gigs of internal memory guarantee all your settings will be remembered as well as a few movies and video games. It utilizes the 4k X1 processor to promote its super brilliant picture (with the help of quantum dots).

Although it does have a standard remote, there is also an app available to allow your Android phone to also control your TV remotely. If you choose that route, there is also another app to allow voice operation! My biggest gripe is, of course, that 4K needs a more abundant source of content. The company that figures-out the most effective way to revitalize prior content and bring it up to the 4K level will basically have a license to print money. 4K… 8K? Yowza! Hold on just a bit, guys, we need the content to catch up with the TVs!

Media had a massive presence at the Consumer Electronics Show. Get ready for the name-dropping – a few of the high-ranking heavy hitters thatoled 2 showed-up for some of the panels and lectures included: Boo-Keun Yoon President and CEO of Samsung Electronics; John Fortt, CNBC co-host of Squawk Alley; Jeroen Tas, CEO of Philips Healthcare Informatics Solutions and Services business group and HISS, John Chambers, CEO & Chairman at Cisco; Neil Smit, President & CEO of Comcast Cable; Randy Freer, President & COO of Fox Networks Group; Margo Georgiadis, President of Google for the western hemisphere; Leslie Moonvies, President & CEO of CBS and Jay Rasulo, SR EVP &CFO at Disney.

Just a fraction of the lectures and events included subjects like: “Multichannel Networks,” “Merging Content with New Technologies,” “Multiscreen Strategies,” “Monetizing Entertainment Progress across Platforms,” “Social Television: the Second Screen Phenomena,” “Disruptive Tech of the Next 5 Years,” “How to Tackle the Collapsing Camera,” “Branded Media Marketing,” “Ultimate TV – the OTT Multiscreen Experience,”   “The Future of Multiplatform Entertainment,” “Startups to Watch,” “The 2015 4K UHD Global Forecast,” “4K UHD: The Big Picture,” “HDR: Hollywood’s New Creative Power Tool,” “The Cutting Edge of Content Distribution,” and “Virtual Reality Today and Tomorrow.”

The show wasn’t just gadgets (plentiful as they were) – it was also a forum for ideas and it is from ideas that all these wondrous gadgets spring in the first place. It’s ideas that give us more options, more features, new technology, and more choices. The CES 2015 was another step forward for world technology.

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