iWedia’s latest technology solutions include a newly launched ad insertion platform, the introduction of ATSC3.0 broadcast stack and much more

iWedia, one of the leading providers of software components and solutions for TV devices for major service operators and consumer electronics manufacturers, has announced the development and addition of new products to its technology solution offering. The new solutions include the launch of the Ad insertion platform, a new multiscreen UI/UX solution, as well as the introduction of Widevine CAS and ATSC 3.0 broadcast stack.

Ad insertion platform

One of the biggest opportunities for operators currently is targeted advertising, but implementing a targeted advertising platform can be a highly complex technical undertaking. iWedia’s new cloud-based Ad Insertion Platform vastly simplifies the process; with the choice of client side ad insertion (CSAI) or server side ad insertion (SSAI), the solution seamlessly replaces ads in live, catch-up and archived linear TV broadcasts, using individual targeting profiles and WEB-advertising technologies including real time bidding and return-path data. iWedia acts as an integrator at every level of the project implementation, speeding up time to market and lowering the cost of entry.


Multiscreen UI/UX solution

Another ongoing challenge for operators has been the need for a suitable UI solution that can cover not just one device and one operating system. iWedia has adapted its UI / UX solution to be platform and device agnostic. Now offering the same look&feel of user experience on big TV screens (such as STBs, SmartTVs and TV panels) as well as on handheld devices (such as tablets and smartphones). All this has been achieved thanks to the cross-platform framework on top of which STAGE product is developed. Furthermore, the solution is now integrated with an online configuration tool for UI updates with number of customization options, instantly visible across all devices.

ATSC 3.0 broadcast stack

iWedia has developed the ATSC 3.0 broadcast software stack, designed to give network operators more flexibility, greater reliability and more efficient operation. This software solution opens up possibilities for television manufacturers and set top box (STB) manufacturers to enhance content offerings with higher picture quality, as well as tools and services including easier targeted advertising.

Prior to the advent of ATSC 3.0, operators were seeing the cord-cutting trend increasing, as customers sought to save money by limiting their choices to just a few paid services. With ATSC 3.0, the new phenomenon of ‘cord cobbling’ is becoming easier and more popular, thanks to its browser-based infrastructure installed within a TV or STB that enables customers to choose their own mix of linear broadcast and OTT channels.


Widevine CAS

As part of the latest technology solutions, iWedia has also introduced the Widevine CAS integration with iWedia DTV Middleware. This integration will bring benefits to pay TV and telco operators by leveraging the already provided ecosystem by Android TV without the need for additional integration. Highest available conditional access content security (Widevine level1) is supported for broadcast services while relying on the advanced Android TV software architecture, Media CAS libraries bundled with Tuner hardware Abstraction Layer (HAL) framework. The integration has been performed on the latest version of Android TV, Android R (v11).


Hans-Jürgen Désor, CEO, iWedia, said: “As we look towards 2022 and the continued evolution of OTT, it is increasingly clear that TV operators must address their added value to customers. We are confident that our new technology offerings will bring new benefits to our customers, helping them engage and retain their customers at a time when the competition is fiercer than ever.”

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