iZotope Releases RX 10 and RX Post Production Suite 7

Latest update revamps favorite modules with new tech to address emerging audio capture and production issues

iZotope Inc., the experts in intelligent audio technology, has released RX 10, the latest update to the industry standard tool for audio repair and enhancement, and incorporated it into version 7 of the RX Post Production Suite.

Built on decades of research and powered by machine learning, RX 10 is the complete toolkit for audio post production. From analyzing audio capture and production issues to providing processing solutions, RX speeds up editing workflows, salvages poor audio takes that were once unfixable, and delivers reliably clear sound quality.

Whether editing a podcast, meeting a demanding TV deadline, or working on a blockbuster movie, post production professionals and creators of all sorts can captivate audiences by bringing out the best in recorded audio.

What’s new in RX 10:

  • Repair Assistant Plug-in – re-built from the ground up, the Repair Assistant uses machine learning to automatically recognize specific problems and intelligently propose fixes that you can modify to taste (included in RX Elements, Standard, and Advanced)
  • Text Navigation – quickly navigate long dialogue files more effectively: this new feature analyzes speech and displays a text transcription above the spectrogram, in sync with the corresponding audio, so that the text can be used to select and edit recordings. (included in Standard and Advanced, only available in English for RX 10)
  • Multiple Speaker Detection: For anyone working on a single audio track with more than one speaker, Multiple Speaker Detection helps to find and tag the sections of speech associated with each individual voice (included in Advanced only)
  • Dynamic Adaptive Mode in De-Hum – save time removing hums and buzzes on the fly with a new Adaptive mode that automatically eliminates complex noise that changes pitch, like electromagnetic interference, without sacrificing quality (included in Standard and Advanced)
  • Upgraded Spectral Recovery – for recordings made on mobile phones or non-studio-grade recording equipment, bring life back to thin-sounding audio to match the rest of your productions. The new version improves upon the quality of re-synthesized upper frequencies and can now add missing lower frequencies, too. (Advanced only)
  • Selection Feathering – Make smoother edits with improved Selection Feathering, which now works in both the time and the frequency domain. (included in Standard and Advanced)

“For RX 10, we’ve added a new way to edit dialogue and speech, along with major updates to assistive technology and machine learning,” explains iZotope Principal Product Manager, Mike Rozett. “The result it that RX 10 is more comprehensive and even easier to use. Whether you’re a music producer or an audio engineer, a dialogue editor or a re-recording mixer, an influencer or a content creator, RX is here for you.”

iZotope has also released version 7 of the RX Post Production Suite, packed with all of the tools you need to fix noisy production audio, bring a story to life, and send final deliverables at the right specifications. This flagship package includes RX 10 Advanced, Neutron 4, Dialogue Match, and Insight 2 metering, plus two surround reverbs by Exponential Audio, Stratus 3D and Symphony 3D, which have been updated to run natively on Apple silicon and feature a refreshed look and feel.

Lastly, the entry level version of RX, RX Elements, now consists of the brand new Repair Assistant plug-in and five component plugins: De-Hum (with updated Dynamic Mode), De-Click, De-Clip, Voice De-Noise, and De-Reverb.

Pricing and Availability

RX 10 is available on and from select retailers as of September 7, 2022, with introductory pricing through October 11, 2022:

  • RX Post Production Suite 7: $999 USD (regularly $1,999 USD)
  • RX 10 Advanced: $799 USD (regularly $1,199 USD)
  • RX 10 Standard: $299 USD (regularly $399 USD)
  • RX 10 Elements: $99 USD (regularly $129 USD)

Existing iZotope customers may be eligible for additional loyalty discounts on RX 10. Details can be found in a customer’s Account section on

About iZotope

At iZotope, we’re obsessed with great sound. Since 2001, our intelligent audio technology has helped musicians, music producers, and audio post engineers focus on their craft rather than the tech behind it. We design award-winning software, plug-ins, hardware, and mobile apps powered by the highest quality audio processing, machine learning, and strikingly intuitive interfaces. Today, iZotope is part of SoundwideTM. Soundwide’s mission is to make music and audio creation a more joyful and inspiring experience for creators everywhere by helping them to find, and stay in, their creative flow.

Stemming from the union of iZotope with Native Instruments, and including Plugin Alliance, Brainworx, and Sound Stacks, Soundwide’s collective vision is to inspire and empower creators to express themselves and reimagine the future of sound. Offering a world-class audio and music creation ecosystem, the brands under Soundwide have broad engineering capabilities across integrated software and hardware, AI and machine learning, cloud, and more. Currently they make up more than 600 staff, with offices across EMEA, NA and APAC regions, and a user base of over 10M.

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