Jackie Chan’s Production Company To Begin International Film Sales And Distribution


On the opening day of the Hong Kong Filmart, it was announced that actor Jackie Chan’s production company, Sparkle Roll Media, will begin to handle international film sales which will entail the sales and distribution of, the company states, “high-quality action films and high-profile Chinese language films by acclaimed directors and top producers.”

For more than thirty years, Sparkle Roll Media has been the production and marketing arm for Chan as the company helped to vault him to international fame with the making of around 200 films. Chan’s company has evolved over the last decade or so to become an international giant of a media and distribution company. Sparkle Roll Media has branched out and diversified into such areas as film production and financing as well as film distribution, marketing, exhibition, talent management and television production.

Vice President for Sparkle Roll Media’s Culture Industry Development, Joe Tam, said that, “We are thrilled to introduce our new international sales arm, which further expands Sparkle Roll Media’s position as a leader in Chinese-language media and entertainment. The new sales group brings together a strong team with years of experience in the film industry, and they will play a crucial role in the growth of Sparkle Roll Media.”

The word around the Hong Kong Filmart (March 13-16 in Hong Kong) is that there is much speculation about the future of the Chinese film industry. Deals that were made are being suspended and there has been yet another crackdown on the import quota for foreign films into the country. Also, the Chinese box office has been plunging this year at a rate of almost 4% after years of growth in the 30% or so neighborhood.


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