Jampro Antennas Adds FM Antennas to Tried and Trusted Line of Antenna Solutions for 2015 #NABShow

Jampro Antennas, Inc. — a world leader in the manufacture and design of antennas, combiners & filters and RF components for every application in radio and television broadcast including DTV, DVB-T, FM and HD Radio solutions — returns to NAB with Radio broadcasters’ needs in mind. The manufacturer is adding two new products, a 3-element Yagi antenna, and a Band II folded dipole unit, to their popular range of FM antennas.  The new models will be shown alongside Jampro’s full line in Booth C 1055.

“We are delighted to introduce FM antennas to radio broadcasters at this year’s NAB,” said Alex Perchevitch, Jampro president. “Jampro has earned a reputation for high-quality, competitively priced solutions, and the new models certainly live up to our customers’ expectations. We’re excited that NAB attendees will be amongst the first the see these antennas up close and personal at a trade show.”


J3YF 3 Element FM Yagi Antenna
The new Jampro J3YF 3-element FM Yagi antenna line is available in two models suitable for medium and high power FM stacked array accommodating bands from 87.5 – 108MHz. These directional antennas can be used in vertical or horizontal polarization to set up systems having directional, semi-directional and Omni directional diagrams. The units are produced from hot-galvanized steel and are delivered with pipe mounting for both horizontal and vertical polarization.

Jampro JFWD Band II Dipole Antenna

Jampro is also introducing the JFWD Band II Folded Dipole antenna.  Available with 1 to 8 bays, the JFWD has a frequency range of 88 – 108MHz with vertical polarization and maximum power of 300W.

RADIO Antenna Highlights

JAVA Broadband Log Periodic FM Band II Antenna

The JAVA broadband log periodic FM antenna system is ideal for high gain directional applications, and is available on any standard FM channel (87.5 to 107.9 MHz). JAVA is produced from either rugged aluminum or hot dipped galvanized steel for extreme conditions/environments. Custom directional azimuth pattern and FCC Certification is available on a full-scale test range to conform to the customer’s requirements.

JCPB Broadband FM antenna

JAMPRO JCPB sidemount antenna – broadband version of the PENETRATOR – is available with radomes for durability. An industry standard for quality and performance, the JCPB features excellent VSWR and bandwidth. Each bay consists of a PENETRATOR style radiating element supported by galvanized steel mounting brackets; standard round leg mounting brackets for a uniform face tower are included. Silver plated inner conductor connectors are used throughout for maximum contact life and minimum power loss.

About Jampro
Jampro Antennas Inc., established to answer the need for quality broadcast systems at a reasonable price, is a leading supplier of antennas, combiners & filters and RF components for every application in the broadcast industry. Reputed for innovation and customization, Jampro builds each system to the specifications of the individual broadcaster. From the first system delivered in 1954 to those installed today, the Company is committed to consistent performance and quality founded on solid engineering. Today, over 25,000 broadcasters worldwide benefit from the quality and performance provided by Jampro systems. For additional JAMPRO information, please visit:
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