JMR Announces Widest Thunderbolt 2 Certified Storage and Expansion Product Family in the Industry

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JMR’s new Thunderbolt® 2 products now fully Intel and Apple approved
and Thunderbolt certified for Mac and Windows*


JMR Electronics, Inc. a leading manufacturer and systems integrator of scalable storage solutions located in Chatsworth, CA, recently announced the general availability of their new LightningTM series of Thunderbolt 2 certified storage and expansion products – which are now ready for prime time. The Thunderbolt 2 products, which were first showcased at NAB 2015, were going through certification and had not been released to the public at the time of their debut. According to Steven Katz, VP of OEM Sales, the new product family are now fully Intel and Apple approved, Thunderbolt certified for Mac and Windows*, and represents the widest and most comprehensive line of Thunderbolt 2 to PCIe offerings in the industry.

Katz added that their complete line of JMR Lightning storage and expansion products are aimed at Mac and Windows* users, and businesses having only Thunderbolt expansion available, but want to connect to PCIe peripherals and adapters which are widely used in the content creation, management and delivery markets. Further, all of the Lightning expansion and storage products are expandable by daisy chaining them to other Thunderbolt devices.

JMR’s President and CEO, Josef Rabinovitz said that he and the company were very pleased to offer the widest and most comprehensive line of Lightning products now fully Intel and Apple approved and Thunderbolt certified. He added that their new Lightning products offered affordable and powerful Thunderbolt 2 to PCIe expansion and storage for both mobile and fixed media-centric applications where ruggedness, versatility, high performance and absolute data integrity were required for prosumers and professionals alike.

For portability, the company’s LTNG-XTD (portable Thunderbolt SSD storage) is the ideal, portable and ultra light-weight storage complement for creative and business professionals needing a high performance shuttle drive for in-house and offsite workflows — from viewing and editing digital dailies, to being used as a scratch disk, ruggedized transport medium or back-up tool.


For higher end applications and of notable interest to Mac Pro enthusiasts are their new Lightning-XQ ‘Quad’ products that offer extreme performance and versatility, and are based on JMR’s unique Thunderbolt 2 to PCIe adapter boards which use two Thunderbolt 2 bridge controllers to take advantage of two 20Gb/s I-O connections to the host computer. The unique variants of each Lightning model are in the packaging and additional features, such as an on-board RAID storage system; provision for desktop or rackmount installation; and now released provision for mounting the Apple Mac Pro computer inside the largest 8 bay tower/rackmount model (LTNG-XQ-DTMP).

LTNG-XQ-8-DTMP-B inside view panel removed 12.01.15LTNG-XQ-8-DTMP-B

Validating JMR’s innovative technology approach is blogger Bob Zelin – one of the industry’s biggest advocates for cool tech who wrote in his post NAB 2015 blog, “JMR’s DRAMATIC REINVENTION…has reinvented themselves this year, and showed dramatic new products that made everyone go WOW. The JMR Lighting Quad Tower looks like an old school Mac Pro, but inside is the entire new cylinder Mac Pro. In this chassis is a DUAL BUS 4 slot PCIe expansion chassis. Let me be clear – there are three Thunderbolt chip sets on a new Mac Pro, but when you use one to go to an expansion chassis for PCIe cards, they all share just one Thunderbolt chip. But JMR has split this so you can have two different Thunderbolt chips go to the two busses in the JMR PCIe expanders (2 cards per Thunderbolt bus). AND they have an INTERNAL 8 drive SSD drive bay built right into this chassis. AND you can take of the handles so you can rack mount this entire unit, for a studio rack, or mobile rack cart that a DIT would use in the field…I’m in shock, this is what Apple should have done.”

At this year’s NAB show, Zelin was so excited to see the Lightning-XQ ‘Quad’ tower that he pulled another industry luminary, Walter Biscardi over to see the product. “Bob Zelin literally grabbed me from the aisles and pulled me to look at the new JMR chassis that takes a Mac Pro and turns it into a fully functional desktop computer with PCI slots and an 8-bay RAID built in. What the trashcan Mac Pro should have been for pros.” – Walter Biscardi. Bob Zelin’s Blog and Walter Biscardi’s WallyCam captured the moment when they saw the new Lightning-XQ Quad tower at this year’s NAB 2015 .

“For users that want the utmost in performance and flexibility from their Mac Pro — our LTNG-XQ series is the only four slot Thunderbolt 2 to PCIe desktop and rackmount expander with optional 8-bay RAID storage in the industry,” continued Rabinovitz. The LTNG-XQ series provides two independent Thunderbolt 2 circuit bridges, quad 20Gb/s Thunderbolt 2 I/O ports and has internal mass storage with its on-board 8-drive RAID subsystem and internal SAS hardware RAID controller. The advantage of this architecture is enhanced operating bandwidth for demanding applications which can utilize all of the 20Gb/s bandwidth available from each Thunderbolt 2 port.

“Bottom line, our new family of Thunderbolt 2 products offer outstanding return-on-investment for users and resellers alike, whether you need to acquire and transport content to finalizing and repurposing content for revenue generation; or for resale — a win-win for all.”

Complete Family of Lightning Storage and Expansion Products

LTNG-XS: Single slot PCIe expansion adapter (Black with Red Accents)
LTNG-XS-B: Single slot PCIe expansion adapter (Black)

LTNG-XD: Dual Slot PCIe expansion adapter (Black with Red Accents)
LTNG-XD-B: Dual Slot PCIe expansion adapter (Black)

LTNG-XQ-DT: Quad slot desktop expansion adapter (Black with Red Accents)
LTNG-XQ-DT-B: Quad slot desktop expansion adapter (Black)

LTNG-XQ-RM: Quad slot rackmount expansion adapter (Black with Red Accents)
LTNG-XQ-RM-B: Quad slot rackmount expansion adapter (Black)

LTNG-XQ-8-DT: Quad slot desktop expansion adapter with 8-bay RAID storage system (Black with Red Accents)
LTNG-XQ-8-DT-B: Quad slot desktop expansion adapter with 8-bay RAID storage system (Black)

LTNG-XQ-8-RM: Quad slot rackmount expansion adapter with 8-bay RAID storage system (Black with Red Accents)
LTNG-XQ-8-RM-B: Quad slot rackmount expansion adapter with 8-bay RAID storage system (Black)

LTNG-XQ-DTMP: Quad slot tower/rackmount for Mac Pro (Black with Red Accents)
LTNG-XQ-DTMP-B: Quad slot tower/rackmount for Mac Pro (Black)

LTNG-XQ-8-DTMP: Quad slot tower/rackmount for Mac Pro and 8-bay RAID storage system (Black with Red Accents)
LTNG-XQ-8-DTMP-B: Quad slot tower/rackmount for Mac Pro and 8-bay RAID storage system (Black)

LTNG-XTD: Portable SSD storage peripheral

CKIT-218: Rack mount kit for DTMP (Black with Red Accents)
CKIT-218-B: Rack mount kit for DTMP-B (Back)


(* For some products; Windows driver provided as necessary. Thunderbolt drivers for Mac are included in current Mac products providing Thunderbolt expansion.)

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