Joseph Electronics at the 2016 NAB Show

2016 NAB Show Preview
Joseph Electronics
Booth C6648

JFS Waveshifter-4
At the 2016 NAB Show, Joseph Electronics will introduce the JFS Waveshifter-4 series, which can transport up to four HD camera systems on just one single-mode fiber. The Waveshifter-4 uses optical wavelength-shifting technology to map the two fibers in standard HD cameras to wavelengths in the CDWM spectrum so that they can then be introduced into a CWDM mux.

Waveshifter-4 features a sturdy metal chassis, built-in wide-range AC power input, and external backup DC power as standard. The unit also includes a 1310 nm fiber bypass channel for additional fiber signals or as a backup path. Other applications include muxing four wideband optical signals from other single-mode fiber devices, such as traditional throwdowns or audio/MADI devices.

Through integration of the Waveshifter-4 with four Bluebell Opticom ShaxX Lite power-insertion units, the Waveshifter-4 becomes Waveshifter-4 + Power, a complete system for directly powering four cameras at a remote location over a single fiber.
The 2016 NAB Show will also mark the debut of the Joseph Electronics JFS DFT-TOTE V32, which provides convenient and compact transport of up to 32 3G/HD/SD-SDI signals on as few as two fibers. Based on the DFT Series fiber-transport solutions, the DFT-TOTE V32 adds a durable weather-resistant enclosure, internal dual AC power supplies, and battery backup as standard. Any pair of channels can be reconfigured in the field to suit the specific TX-RX requirements of any event. The V32 design can be configured in a tote or in a standard DFT-16 1-RU chassis system, both of which are ideal for rental and ENG applications.

The JFS DFT-TOTE E12 is a Gigabit Ethernet version of the DFT-Tote, providing 12 isolated paths of Gigabit Ethernet. In addition to network trunking, this solution can also be used for transporting AVB, RAVENNA/AES67, and Dante audio, as well as IP video signals.

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JFS Dante-Based Booth System
In response to growing demand for expandable, easily deployable compact A/V field packages, Joseph Electronics developed the JFS Dante Booth system for transporting standard 3G/HD/SD-SDI video signals along with Dante audio. Based on the popular Joseph Electronics Booth Caddie system, the Dante Booth system uses a Dante-based infrastructure that lets users configure the system to meet their audio requirements without making significant hardware changes.

Power over Ethernet (POE) ports on the booth connect to Studio Technologies Dante announcer consoles or Dante intercom belt packs for simple plug-and-play operation. On the truck side, users can connect audio via traditional XLR I/Os or simply interface directly into an existing Dante system.

Because of the Dante-based design, users can join together multiple Dante Booth systems to form a large interconnected system with virtually unlimited I/O and resource sharing for large events.

Company Overview:

Joseph Electronics (JE) is an authorized stocking distributor for more than 100 premier broadcast and pro A/V brands with stocking locations in both Illinois and California. Under the JFS brand, JE also designs, manufactures, and supplies innovative custom fiber solutions — such as the Caddie Series, DFT Series, and 4K Studio Caddie — for broadcasters and system integrators alike. Equipped with a state-of-the-art fiber lab staffed with fully certified professionals, JE can fabricate, terminate, or repair any connector, assembly, panel, breakout, or interface in use today. JE has served the broadcast industry for more than 65 years and has representatives in California, New York, Colorado, Georgia, and London. More information about Joseph Electronics can be found at

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