Journey Will Showcase Channel Transport Units At 2020 NAB Show


In just two months, the 2020 NAB Show will take place at the Las Vegas Convention Center. This global media event will be the pinnacle of the broadcast/entertainment industry. Thousands upon thousands (over 90k to be exact) of professionals who work in the fields of content, media, and technology will be attending to learn, innovate, and collaborate as part of a global effort to further expand an industry that continues to soar above the same heights that technological developments continue to create.

When it comes to the broadcast/entertainment industry, there is no end destination when it is more of a journey. Speaking of Journey, Journey will be an exhibitor at the 2020 NAB Show where plenty of content creators will have a better understanding of the innovative tech that makes this company worth the trip to Las Vegas this April.


About Journey And D2 Productions



Journey functions as a division of D2 Productions, which is a professional full-service video production company that was formed from live TV broadcasting. In just twenty years, the company has managed to produce extensive services in remote production, studio production, as well as field and post-production.



The Journey division originated out of a market need to provide that approach to the growing industry of IP video transmission. This division is a fully-managed IP video transport platform. It successfully utilizes a unique combination of innovative technology, advanced network management, and concierge-level customer service in order to provide significantly higher performance than any other product or service in the industry. It’s the perfect solution for all sorts of applications in news, sports, and more.

Several of Journey’s incredible features include:

  • Firewall-friendly (Appliances deploy quickly and easily)
  • Unique “shapeshifting” hardware
  • An unlimited number of frame-accurate synchronized video channels
  • A fully managed and monitored transport network with live 24/7 technical support
  • Built-in production functions that include comms, tally, IFB/talkback, and more
  • Zero CapEx


Journey’s Transport Unit Tech Line

Journey’s transport appliances are the basic hardware units of the division’s platform. Two versions make up their availability:

Both transport units are housed in a 1RU chassis and contain server-grade components. The transport units are not just purpose-built boxes. They literally download and run fresh code on every booking which results in a unique level of flexibility and adaptability.

The Four-channel Transport4 is an encoder and decoder with four HD-SDI ports. The unit can be independently wired as either inputs or outputs, and it can encode or decode up to four channels of video in any combination per-booking basis. The single-channel Transport1 can encode or decode one channel of video on a per-booking basis.

Journey’s appliances function both as transmitters and receivers of proprietary Journey Transport streams. Its modular software design works with a customer’s encoders and decoders. It can also process standard MPEG-TS streams for encrypted Journey transmission over the public internet and other packet-switched networks.

Any Journey transport unit can be pressed into service at any time as a “transponder,”  which is a distribution or repeater point in the Journey network. Every single booking has a custom-designed path that maximizes throughput and minimizes routing delays and packet loss.

All Journey equipment is deployed by subscription. This means that no capital expenditures are required with continuous online upgrades and improvements for ultimate future-proofing. 100% coverage on service, support, maintenance, repair, and replacement.

Additional features of the Journey transport units include:

  • Very low transport latency (Can go as low as 200 ms most of the time)

  • Integrated broadcast (Quality encoders and decoders)

  • Four bi-directional HD-SDI ports on the Transport4 (Allows any combination of simultaneous transmit and receive channels)

  • Frame-accurate synchronization of transmitting channels across appliances

  • Firewall traversal capabilities (No static IPs, inbound port forwarding, or extensive line qualification required)

  • Unpredictable network adaptability and great image quality

  • Works with external encoders and decoders to process MPEG transport streams for Journey transport

  • Next-generation Salsa20 cypher (Produces encrypted traffic)


About 2020 NAB Show



To say that there is an endgame for the broadcast industry is redundant. Innovation is the fuel behind the broadcast industry, and because it is a continuous process, then any need to reach an end only works against the many technological advancements an IP video transport platform such as Journey provides. Any technological enhancement involved in the broadcast industry works to serve the creative drive that further expands both its size and the outreach that fosters more creative minds to contribute and collaborate in an event as the grand as the 2020 NAB Show. Register now and journey (pun intended) to Las Vegas April 18-22.

Visit Journey during the 2020 NAB Show at booth # SU14910.

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