JVC Releases Its ProHD Wireless Bridge for Live Broadcasts


JVC Professional Video has released its all new ProHD Wireless bridge – which is a live IP uplink solution specifically designed for live broadcasts. It was recently introduced at the National Association of Broadcasters 2016 Show in New York City. The wireless bridge is a video over IP system for live broadcasts using multiple cameras.

JVS Professional Video, based in New Jersey, is a wholly owned subsidiary of the JVC Kenwood Corporation and specializes in the development, manufacture and deployment of sophisticated video and sound system technology. The company has been on the cutting edge of these technologies since very early on when it was a true innovator in the recording and capturing of moving images.

The all new ProHD Wireless Bridge is the perfect answer for broadcasting live events, including breaking news as well as sporting and entertainment events. Mobility, and the dependability of your equipment, is the key to a successful live broadcast.

  • All of the cameras in the ProHD system are outfitted with WB-MCA 100 camera transceiver modules and can reach up to two thousand feet mounted atop a vehicle. In addition, the transceiver modules simply plug right in to the USB connectors of the camera.
  • Zixi error correction and variable bit control system is in the built-in encoders of the cameras. The JVC streaming cameras can additionally be used with smaller 400 foot range modules. The ProHD system actually creates a stand alone virtual network as the system can receive and send from a pair of mobile carriers. When using the 400 foot range, handheld cameras are ideal for the broadcasts.
  • It is the rooftop camera array that allows for the dual communication from the dual remote sites. It’s like having a mobile studio that is ready for anything. All of the electronic components and antennas are securely mounted for you and are rated IP67 to provide the user with the most reliable performance even in the most hostile of live broadcasting environments.
  • All of a broadcaster’s units can be connected to a singular IP address due to the BPL-380 router that is safely operating at the in-house source with the router aggregating up to 20 cellular uplinks. This mobile back haul system becomes a reliable tool for your broadcasting efforts when you combine BR-800 Broadcaster BR-DE 800 PROHD Decoder.

“Our ProHD Wireless Bridge System is far more efficient than existing bonded solutions,” says Edgar Shane, JVC’s General Manager for Engineering. “The antenna array on the vehicle’s mobile uplink is deployed in a diversity pattern, so it provides significantly better download and upload bandwidth and can operate with a much lower signal than the built in antennas of USB modems. Plus, your shooters don’t need to carry around anything extra, because our transceiver module plugs right into the camera.”


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