KFX Technology collaborates with MYT Works to launch three new products at NAB 2016

New York, 21st April 2016:

KFX Technology has launched three new products at NAB 2016, developed in collaboration with fellow New York based company MYT Works.

KFX CEO Stephen Scammell said “KFX Technology  is located in New York but I started in London, designing and building portable motion control equipment that would function reliably in the extreme conditions encountered in BBC’s Frozen Planet series. In 2012 I moved my base to New York and subsequently designed the Aurora Remote Head, which has been very successful and has been used in some of Hollywood’s blockbuster movies.”

“After meeting Etienne Sauret, CEO of MYT Works at NAB last year and realizing the synergy that we both had, KFX and MYT Works decided to embark on a collaboration to motorize MYT’s Constellation skater dolly, part of their very successful Galaxy line of products.

 Following the successful debut of the prototype at CCW in New York last November, we decided to extend their product development. KFX and MYT Works are proud to debut the motor system for the ever popular Glide Line sliders at the NAB show.”

The three new products are:

The KFX/MYT Velvet remote head

The KFX/MYT Velvet remote head is a super compact remote head with enough power to move even larger camera packages around with ease. It has a capacity of 50lbs/22kgs. Using backlash free gearboxes the MYT Velvet is incredibly smooth in operation, with zero lag from the operators perspective and spot-on starts and stops. This new system is based on the popular MYT Velvet pan and tilt Fluidless Nodal head combined with KFX Technology control systemwith its simple, one cable plug and play operation. The MYT Velvet has a simple joystick control console that has the usual KFX functions for setting speed, end stops and direction. Options are available for pan bar or hand wheel control. 

The KFX/MYT Motorized Glideline camera slider

The KFX/MYT Motorized Glideline camera slider

The KFX/MYT collaboration has given rise to the motorized camera slider for the MYT GlideLine. Designed to give the maximum amount of movement on the slider, the motor system powering the MYT Glide has enough power to move up to 200lbs/90kg smoothly along the Glider at up to 2ft/0.6m per second. Even at incredibly slow speeds the slider retains superb smoothness and accuracy. The end stops are programmable and can be feathered in and out. The motor is so powerful that the unit can easily travel at a 45 degree angle with no need for a counterweight.

Controlled by a simple joystick box, the system can be upgraded to a hand held unit with an easy to use rocker switch. The Glide motor can be plugged directly into the MYT Velvet Remote head to give a simple and easy to use 3 axis system giving outstanding control to the operator.

The KFX/MYT Motorized Constellation camera skater dolly

The first collaboration between KFX and MYT began with the motorization of the MYT Constellation skater dolly from the MYT Galaxy Line. The MYT Constellation is a camera skater dolly that runs on regular speed rails, an industry standard which allows very long runs to be achieved in comparison to regular fixed bearing camera sliders. This allows for motor controlled tracking shots up to 300 feet/90m. As with all KFX products this motor unit is compatible with the MYT Velvet Remote Head as well as the KFX Aurora Remote head.

Controls for this system offer the same options as those from the MYT Glideline.

All the new KFX/MYT products come with the KFX plug and play controls, which are recognized within the film industry for their simplicity and robustness.

All the new motorized products will be available with repeat software in the near future

KFX Technology was born out of Kontrol Freax Ltd, a London-based company that helped to introduce affordable, portable motion control technology to the UK and beyond. Following work on the award winning BBC Planet Earth TV show KFX went on to design and build innovative and reliable motion control equipment for the follow up Frozen Planet TV show that worked in the most extreme conditions. Drawing on this experience, KFX Technology have been quietly engineering a revolution for the world of remote heads putting simplicity, reliability and usability at the forefront of our design philosophy. Since 2012, KFX Technology have been quietly engineering a revolution for the world of remote heads putting simplicity, reliability and usability at the forefront of our design philosophy. We have designed and built   the Aurora Remote Head specifically for use as a “run of show” head. In addition to our dedication to designing simpler on set tools we also back this up with great customer service, from experienced camera operators and technicians who have been proud to work on Hollywood’s biggest blockbusters.    

MYT Works is a design, engineering, and manufacturing company based in New York City specializing in sophisticated professional-grade camera slider dollies, nodal heads, and support accessories.

MYT Works aims to offer tools that broaden the options available to filmmakers today. Our goal is to design industry-first systems with intuitive features suited to the end user’s needs. Our workmanship, manufacturing requirements, tolerances and rigorous assembly procedures are a source of pride for everyone on our team. Every MYT Works component, accessory, and system is carefully designed and constructed to last a lifetime.

Our experience as filmmakers has driven us to design an ensemble of camera support tools for industry professionals from all walks of life. Hence our motto, Born Out of Frustration®.

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